Setting the Scene: Rentals

Sometimes, the venue you’ve chosen just doesn’t have everything you need. Rental items can make a dramatic difference in the feel of the room, whether you’re focusing on large items like lounge furniture or small items like centerpiece elements. And the great thing about rentals? They can be delivered and picked up, saving you and your family time and energy! Here are a few big impact rentals that can add some pizzazz to your ceremony or reception space.


Draping (also called pipe-and-drape) is kind of a magical thing. It can hide things! Or make things look bigger! Build little enclosures! Voila! It also looks wonderful when you add in lighting. When ordering draping, be sure to measure walls or other spaces as accurately as possible, so that the rental company brings the right amount! Also, be sure to confirm that you have enough time for set up and teardown – depending on the lengths involved, set up in particular can be time consuming. If you’re lighting your draping, make sure the schedule allows for the draping going up *first*, followed by the lighting once everything is completed.

 Wedding draping W Hotel

Photo courtesy of Monica Salazar Photography

Draping wedding Perot Museum

Photo courtesy of Flashbox Photography


Furniture is kind of a broad category. You may need additional tables to supplement those provided by your venue (i.e., square tables instead of round, tall cocktail tables, etc.). You might want to switch out or cover the chairs. You may also be looking at something more dramatic, like lounge furniture. This can be a wonderful touch when you have a lounge space for the evening (usually with a separate bar). It provides a wonderful area for older folks to hang out while you and your friends crank up the party. No matter what your aesthetic – rustic, vintage, elegant, contemporary – there are sure to be rental companies with options in your area.

Chair covers Gaylord Hotel

Photo courtesy of Flashbox Photography

Lounge furniture Hilton Rockwall

Photo courtesy of Joseph Mark Photography

Ceremony chairs wedding

Photo courtesy of Joseph Mark Photography

Ceremony Altars

Outdoor ceremonies are popular here in Dallas, but occasionally you need something a little more exciting to mark out your ceremony site. Rentals range from basic wooden arches to chuppahs to more creative backdrops, like antique doors or carefully crafted word art pieces. These can really punch up the mood of your ceremony site to better match the reception.

Ceremony arch Frisco Heritage Center

Photo courtesy of Katie Cassidy Photography

Ceremony altar table Heritage Springs

Photo courtesy of Absolute Photography

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  1. Stewart Boomer
    | Reply

    Thanks for showing how much of a difference the use of chairs can make to any type of event! I don’t usually think about the chairs as making a huge impact on the overall theme, but thanks to your post, it’s very obvious they can add a lot to the theme. Next time I have a big event, I’m definitely going to pay a lot more attention to how the chairs can make a difference. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kyler Brown
    | Reply

    My wife and I are helping to plan a wedding right now. This post was very helpful, especially since I’m in charge of chairs. Since the wedding will take place in someones back yard, the picture of the green grass setup is exactly the look I hope to replicate. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. April Cook
    | Reply

    I like your suggestion to rent drapes to help transform your location. I agree that lighting can make all the difference when using drapes. It can help create more depth and texture. I’m helping my cousin plan her wedding, and we are renting a lot of items to help save money. I think it would also be cost effective to find a rental place that could provide a variety of items we need. That way we don’t have to pay for multiple deliveries. Thanks for sharing this information!

  4. Maggie Allen
    | Reply

    I just love the look of the draping in your pictures! That would be perfect with some good lighting, like you said. I think I would probably add a lot of lights from above or below to highlight the drapery as well.

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