Should I buy wedding insurance?

question-markMany brides have posed this question to me and until recently, my answer has been “it depends”.  However, now with the economy the way it is and we see more and more businesses failing, it seems to be a priority to insure such a large investment for brides and grooms headed down the aisle.  Wedding insurance seems to be a logical choice for larger weddings, but even the smaller sized budget weddings should start considering this wise move in protecting their hard-earned dollars.  I’ve seen venues, bakeries and even other planners closing their doors in the past few months that I would not have suspected.  While the industry as a whole typically comes together to help brides affected by these closures, I would hate for anyone to lose the large sums of money tied up in deposits as has happened recently.

Wedding insurance covers many things, including situations such as your reception space burning down a month before the wedding, your limo driver not showing up and you have to pay a new company twice the price, or even situations where a key player, like dad, not being able to make it due to health issues and you have to postpone the wedding.  It’s a great strategy for couples with either the bride or the groom in the military as your wedding can be postponed for a later date in case the military member needed to be shipped out asap.  All of these major expenses can be covered, as long as you purchase the correct policy.  (Sorry, but cold feet are not covered.)

So then the question becomes, where and how much insurance should I purchase?  There are actually many alternatives out there for couples and parents to look at.  The only one I can say my couples have used is WedSafe.  WedSafe has made it their business to have a great website that is super-informative and offers great policy options at low prices.  Of course, there are some other great companies out there, so make sure to do your research.  It’s worth the time and effort to protect your investments!

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  1. Adam
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    With the economic climate the way it is, it’s definitely worth looking into wedding insurance. You really wouldn’t want a supplier going bankrupt to ruin your special day.

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