So you want to be a Wedding Planner? (Part 2)

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In our last post (Check it out!), we began a list of of skills and qualities needed to be a successful wedding planner.  We finish the list out today, starting with:


Budget Creation/Maintenance/Tracking

Some planners choose to include budget assistance in their service packages and some do not.  However, if you choose not to include such a service, you’ll still need a working knowledge of budgeting and the common cost of things in the wedding industry in your area so you can give appropriate vendor and décor advice to your clients.


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Local Vendor Knowledge

A big reason clients hire planners for the planning process, and not just wedding day coordination, is because they want to make sure they’re getting the best fit with each vendor they need.  Yes, they could do hours of research to see what reviews are online for each vendor they find on the web before interviewing each of them and getting quotes before carefully reviewing each option and choosing who to sign with, but that’s why they’re hiring you.  They’re trusting that you have done this for them already and want you to point them in the right direction to begin with.  To that end, be prepared to spend copious amounts of time networking, following up on those introductions, and checking in with vendors periodically so you’re up to date with their products and services.  This is one of those items that’s daunting and huge at first, but much easier as time goes on and more of those faces at the networking meetings are familiar.  Then it’s fun and feels like a mini reunion every time you go.


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Problem-Solving & Creativity

Since Pinterest doesn’t come with price tags, there are a lot of surprised reactions among clients about what parts of their vision are doable with their budgets and which aren’t.  During the planning process, you may be called to figure out how to be creative; with clients, with vendors, with budgets, with décor.  And on event day, as guests, vendors, the celebrated couple, and even Mother Nature throw curve balls your way, creativity and problem-solving skills will carry you over the bumps as smoothly as possible.  That added peace of mind is something all clients are looking for in their planner.


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The reality of orchestrating events is that you are physically needed in many places all night.  Be prepared to walk – a lot – and to have multiple interruptions to your tasks as you get them done.  If you have any restrictions in your mobility, you will need to consider extra staff at events to help you be in two places at once.  Just as draining as the physical effort is the mental effort of juggling your clients, their families, their guests, and your vendor team for 12 hours or more, and all with a smile on your face.  Of course, some people will find this easier to accomplish than others, but it’s worth calling out, as it’s important to finish the event as strongly as you began it.


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Stress Coping Mechanisms

≥≤/lot riding on the weddings you’re planning and emotions are intrinsic factors that don’t necessarily exist in other types of events.  The planning and execution of your clients’ weddings will be fraught with tears and laughter and disappointment and excitement.  Creating those moments for them, throwing this incredibly expensive party that will hopefully only happen once for them in their entire lives, can be very stressful.  It’s important you have some sort of outlet for this stress.  Bonus points if that outlet has absolutely nothing to do with the wedding planning industry or your business.  Level Up if you schedule and take a vacation annually.


Think you’ve got what it takes?  Then let’s talk next steps!  Check back in a few days for our post on where to start to head off on this new path. Don’t forget to sign up for our Assistant Planner Training is you are interested in becoming a wedding planner… it’s a great first step!

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