Some Shortcuts Should Bother You

ShortcutI’ve heard the phrase “Imitation is the highest form of flattery” way too many times over the past year.  While I appreciate that someone valued our company name and website enough to copy it, it has always bothered me.  It was hard to express why something like this bothered me so much.  So many of my friends and colleagues have said they understand that it is an ethical issue, but many said not to worry about it and to take it as a compliment.  While I have tried to understand why someone would choose this path to a business, I’m finally able to articulate a little about it and why it should bother not only the possible clients of these businesses, but other professionals who might choose to work with them.

Copying another company to create their own is a shortcut.  What does this mean to their potential client?  It means that this new person/company could not take the time to do the research and brainstorm an idea that was their own.  If they did not put forth any effort to develop their own name, one should question if this new company has taken any other shortcuts.  Have they pursued any education or training for their chosen craft?  Will they take shortcuts and skimp on quality when it comes to their products and services?  How much do they truly value what they are offering?  Or are they simply out for a quick buck?

For wedding professionals, do you want to be associated with someone who is known to take shortcuts?  How will this affect your business?  Can you trust them if a problem arises during the planning process or on the wedding day?

It is very important to me that anyone who is potentially looking to hire Each & Every Detail or associate with us as a wedding professional knows that we hold ourselves to a high ethical standard.  It is very important to us that all transactions, whether personal or business, are above board.  We truly want the best for our clients and colleagues and we strive to educate ourselves to be able to provide high quality services.  Please do research and make sure you are hiring or working with those you can truly trust.

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