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I’d like to share a little bit about the minds behind one of my favorite videographer companies.  They are the sweetest couple, David & Corbin.  They love their clients and want to make sure everyone has a fantastic time working together.  While they have box in the name, they are definitely outside the box thinkers, so I asked them a little Q&A that was different from what I see on most blogs.  Here’s what they had to say:

Q. What do you think the most overlooked reason is for choosing to use a videographer?

A.  Unfortunately, we think most brides consider having their wedding captured on video as a luxury. A friend or family member with a video camera can’t tell the true story of a couple’s day. Nor will they most likely have a wireless mic to capture their vows. Not being able to ever re-hear your vows or re-live your day seems like such a shame and a waste of all the money and time you’ve spent on your wedding.

Q.  With all the experience you have, what would be the critical criteria you would use to choose a videographer for your wedding?

A.  Style. That’s one reason Corbin and I don’t see our fellow wedding filmmakers as competition. We all have different business structures and styles. If there was one thing Corbin and I wish we had with our wedding video, it would be to have it captured in super 8mm film. True film’s nostalgic, dream-like quality just fits with our style.

Q.  How do you stay motivated through the long hours of editing and how do you keep focused on the overall result?

A.  Post-production for us is one of the most rewarding parts of our job. To create a wedding film that will be with a couple for the rest of their lives is incredibly exciting and freeing. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that in my opinion, I’m married to the best cinematographer and editor I’ve ever known. [says David of Corbin, see what I mean about the sweetest couple?]

Q.  Care to share your most memorable story of a wedding snafu or amazing moment?

A.  It seems every wedding has moments that are extremely amazing and unique. However, one example comes to mind: It was a cloudy day and there wasn’t much natural light coming into the sanctuary, until the minister said “You may kiss your bride.” And just before our groom leaned in to kiss his bride, a single ray of sunlight came through the stained glass window and illuminated them both. I almost thought I was imagining the whole thing until I heard people in the audience gasp. That was one of our first weddings, more than six years ago, and I remember the bride and groom booked us as an afterthought, just days before their wedding. I’m so glad they did, and that we were able to capture such an unforgettable moment for them to re-live just like all their friends and family members experienced it.

Capturing love one weekend at a time...
Capturing love one weekend at a time…

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and for the fab ideas Soulbox! 

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