Starting Your Sparkly Search

Wedding engagement ringOh, the ring.  Selecting the right rings can be an emotional experience as well as a technical one.  One of our favorite blogs pointed out that, “We see our engagement and wedding rings more than we see our own faces.” So, no pressure.

Here’s a few links on the ins and outs of diamonds, engagement rings, and wedding bands to help in your hunt for that perfect ring!

The 4Cs – Basic, but key.  Tiffany & Co. has a great discussion of the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color, and carats) on their site, plus some helpful videos on recognizing the differences between different diamond grades.

Avoiding conflict – Conflict-free diamonds and sustainable stones are becoming more of a hot topic in the engagement ring discussion due to debate on the efficacy of the Kimberley Process in ensuring diamonds are mined ethically.  Check out some information on the current state of conflict-free diamond certification on Brilliant Earth’s website.  Also, here’s an interesting blog from Aide-Memoire Jewelry on some alternatives to diamonds.

Going vintage – Thinking about a vintage ring?  Fantastic!  Our friends at A Practical Wedding posted this extremely thorough discussion on the factors involved in buying vintage.

Wedding band basics – Most women prefer that their wedding band match their engagement ring, so it’s never too early to check out some options for your partner as well!  Here’s some tips from The Knot on selecting the right bands.

You can also check out this guide to buying rings online from Credit Donkey.

Have fun shopping!  We hope you find something shiny and sparkly and pretty and, most importantly, you.

Photo courtesy of Ben Q Photography

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