Design of a Groom’s Cake

Photo courtesy of Kylie Crump Photography Cake by The Cake Guys   Groom’s cakes have come a long way since their origination as a wedding tradition in Victorian England.  Back in those days, groom’s cakes were heavy, dense fruitcakes, some … Read More

Tabling Assigned Seats

There are two little words that send a chill down the spine of many a bride – seating assignments.  This can be a painful process, but a useful one.  There are two different ways you can approach this conundrum: are you … Read More

Doing Stations Well – A Different Style of Wedding Reception

The style of wedding receptions, just like everything else, goes through cycles.  40 years ago, couples got married at a church, then had a small cake and punch reception outside afterwards to celebrate.  Total cost – maybe $500.  Today, guests … Read More