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Photo courtesy of Lindsay Davenport Photography

So many of our couples identify photography as one of their top priorities for their wedding – with good reason! Although cake is delicious and flowers are lovely, those things are sadly gone by the end of your wedding day. But your photos will be with you forever. As a visual medium, photography is also subject to trends and styles just as much as floral and rental items. When you’re looking for photography, you should definitely start by identifying a style you love (see our breakdown of the most common photography categories HERE). It’s also worth thinking about some of the in vogue styles, and deciding if you want to ride the trend or dodge it


1. Bright, Light Photos

In the last few years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of photographers that define themselves as “natural light” or “outdoor” photographers. The bright, airy look is incredibly popular right now, and can give your photos a sharper yet dreamier look.


Photo courtesy of Kylie Crump Photography

2. Film Photographers

If you love an artistic look for your photos, you may run into more photographers who are using film as well as digital! Rather than seeing this as a throwback to days of yore, take a close look at how film can you a similar photo to digital without the precision and sharpness of an electronic lens.


Photo courtesy of Allen Tsai Photography

3a. Less Posing, More Doing

More couples are leaning away from the traditional posed photos and towards a more photojournalistic and/or candid set of formal photos. The trick here is parents – often, the couple will prefer this style overall, but need to balance that with Mom and Dad/s request for the traditional formal photos. We also have seen a slight downturn in couples’ interest in detail shots without people – we’re keeping an eye on this one, because photographers and wedding planners love these shots, and it would be a shame to lose them altogether!


Photo by Katie Cassidy Photography


3b. Stylized and Editorial

On the flip side, our couples who like a more posed look want a VERY posed photo, with editorial details and a highly stylized feel. If this is your wheelhouse, be sure to allow extra time for your photographer to pose everyone appropriately!

No matter what your style or what trends are out there, be sure to choose a photographer that fits well with you! Great photos always happen when the couple and the photographer click on a personal level.

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