Vendor Love: Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

Time to talk to another of our favorite vendors!  Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo is the home of fab makeup artist Wendy Zerrudo and her team.  These ladies have style and sass down to an art!  We talked with Wendy about her business, and here’s a little of what she had to say.

Wedding Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

 Photo Credit: Hampton Morrow Photography

When and how did you get into the wedding industry?

My professional career in makeup started with MAC cosmetics in 2004 in New Jersey. Shortly after, I decided to explore the wedding industry. This is going to be my 11th year and it only gets better year after year. I have built so many beautiful friendships throughout the years, which is definitely one of the many perks of my job. I have been in Texas for more than 3 years and I am so blessed to continue to do what I love. Texas has been really good to me and I have had the pleasure to work with some talented wedding industry friends.

Wedding Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

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Where are you based and where do you meet with clients?

I am based out of McKinney, TX where I have a spacious studio and schedule my trials/consultations by appointment only.  Generally, I’m on location for the event day.

Why do you think your clients hire you or what are some of the best compliments you’ve received from your clients?

From the initial contact with my clients, I am personable and professional. The best compliments I have received from clients are that they can see my passion and love for my work and that we really work to enhance their natural beauty and features.

Wedding Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

Photo Credit: Dyan Kethley Photography

 Do you have a funny story to share about a previous event?

Well, being in the wedding industry, you have many laughs with your bride and bridal party. Let’s just say, when a bee flies into a room, this makeup artist will use even tweezers or a brush to protect her bride from a sting!

Wedding Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

Photo Credit: Anna Smith Photography

 What do you recommend to your clients to best prepare their skin for the wedding day?

First, I tell my clients to drink plenty of water – at least 8 glasses a day – and to keep their skin well moisturized. The stress level can take a toll on skin appearance. Schedule a facial (especially if it is your first time) 2-3 months out before your wedding day and schedule the last facial the week of the wedding. Avoid any peels or harsh treatments that can irritate your skin on your last facial appointment.  If my clients decide to spray tan, which many of them do, have a trial run at least one month before and then your final spray tan 2-4 days before the wedding day.

Wedding Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

Photo Credit: Sara Kate Photography

You can read more about Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo‘s services on their website, or call them at 972.814.7310!


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