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A Curvy Bride Tracy Autem Photography

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One of the most unique and special parts of a wedding for the bride is finding her dress.  We are thrilled to work with brides of all shapes and sizes, and today we’d like to introduce you to one of our favorite dress boutiques, A Curvy Bride!  A Curvy Bride specializes in finding the right dress for brides that wear a street size 14 and up.  Often, ladies in this size range are unable to have a true boutique shopping experience due to lack of available samples in their sizes.  A Curvy Bride moves past that to provide that once-in-a-lifetime moment for brides of all sizes!  Store manager Melissa Anne Stoner tells us more below.

A Curvy Bride bridal boutique

Photo courtesy of A Curvy Bride

Describe your favorite type of bride

My favorite type of bride is the adventurous bride. The bride who is not quite sure what will look good on her but is willing to try anything. They generally have spunky personalities that just tend to flourish when trying out new styles. They usually are absolutely shocked at how well certain styles look on their bodies and that is the best feeling in the world for me. I love being able to give a bride the confidence boost she needs to rock a gown she would have never dreamed of putting on. That extra bit of sass that comes out when you put her in a gown that unlocks the diva inside. Her face usually lights up and then when she walks into the other room to show her guests she almost always lets out a squeal and starts prancing around the room. It’s like you have just given her the keys to a brand new Mercedes and she gets to take it out for a test drive to show off how amazing she looks in it!

What makes your store different from the others?

Our store is different because we celebrate each and every curve our brides have. The more curves the better! We get to give brides the opportunity to try on gowns that actually fit them and in some cases are even too big. Most bridal boutiques don’t carry sample sizes above an 18. We carry only sizes 16 and up. This helps give brides who normally would not be able to go to a boutique and actually try on gowns an opportunity to have that boutique experience we all dream of having.

A Curvy Bride store

Photo courtesy of A Curvy Bride

Why do you think your brides choose your salon?

Brides choose our salon for several reasons. Most importantly, we carry gowns in sizes that actually fit anyone who wears a street size 14 and up. Most boutiques only carry sample size 8-12; we start at a bridal size 16 and go up from there. Another reason our brides choose us is the feeling you get when you walk in our store. It feels like home – our store is in a Victorian style house in Uptown Dallas and our brides love the vibe that our store gives them. Our stylists are friendly and inviting, we make our brides feel like they are part of our family whether they decide to go with a gown from our store or from somewhere else. Our goal is to make our brides happy even if that means we only get to help them find a silhouette.

A Curvy Bride bridal boutique

Photo courtesy of A Curvy Bride

What are the best compliments you have received?

All of them! In every review there is a common theme, AMAZING! Celebrating each bride’s uniqueness and beauty is what makes our job so rewarding. So for them to continuously say that we are amazing is such an honor. We are very privileged to have such wonderful and truly amazing customers. It is an absolute joy to be able to create a vision with a bride and then watch it unfold.

What do you love most about weddings?

My favorite thing about weddings is the romance. You get to watch a tiny idea grow into a beautiful celebration that each couple creates to celebrate their love. From the stylist stand point, you get to watch the progress of the event from afar and see all the changes each bride goes through throughout the entire process. I love how you can see the love between the bride and groom blossom throughout the entire process. How well the photographers capture those special moments between the bride and the groom just make the entire process worth it to me.

A Curvy Bride is located at 2728 Routh Street in Dallas.  Their hours are Wed-Fri 10a-6p, Sat 10a-5p, and Sunday 12p-4p.  Please call 972.355.5230 to make an appointment!

**NB – As of November 2016, A Curvy Bride is now Molly’s Bridal, located at 1202 Dragon St, #103, in Dallas’ Design District.  Their new phone number is 972.388.5230.


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