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Looking to make your wedding a little different?  Maybe with some spectacular lighting or an amazing band?  Then you should definitely check out Absolute Entertainment!  They do it all, and they do it fabulously.  We caught up with Dave Von Blohn, one of the two-man team running the show at Absolute, and picked his brain a little about their work!  Enjoy!

Absolute Entertainment Cuvee Band

When and how did you get into the wedding industry?

My business partner, Steve Schrag, and I were professional musicians performing in a number of bands in the DFW area. Weddings have always been a steady stream of work for musicians – one thing led to another and here we are!

If you own your own business, how long have you been open? 

Since 1996! (happy 20th to us!)

Where are you based and where do you meet with clients? 

Our office/warehouse is in Dallas. We meet clients here in our showroom.

Absolute Entertainment Brooks Weddings

Describe your favorite type of client.

I like the clients that want to meet with us and allow us to get to know them personally, as well as a few of their family members. In today’s email and text world it’s so refreshing to actually meet someone, face to face!

What makes you different at what you do?

With few exceptions, you’d be hard pressed to find a more experienced and knowledgeable team. We also take excellent care of our couples and their families!

Absolute Entertainment

What are some of the best compliments you’ve received from your clients?

Repeat business and referral business is the greatest compliment to us. You can’t buy that with an ad or a flashy website, right?

What do you love most about weddings?

In good times and bad, people will always want to celebrate and have fun at a wedding!

Absolute Entertainment Sil Azevedo Photography

Photo by Sil Azevedo Photography

Do you have a funny story to share about a previous event?

A belly dancer accidentally showed up at the wrong venue at a wedding with one of our bands! She ran into the reception and started her routine. Needless to say the bride was not happy (but the groom had the biggest smile on his face). The poor belly dancer ran out of the room in tears.

Contact the folks at Absolute Entertainment to step your wedding up a notch or two!  Call them at 214.871.9900, or check out their websites, and!

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