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Allen Tsai Photography

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Even though photography has become almost 100 % digital, sometimes you can only get the look you want by using a little film!  One of our favorite photographers, Allen Tsai Photography, uses both digital and film images to capture all the magic of your special day.  Dreamy lighting and spectacular landscape shots are some of his signature strengths, and he takes gorgeous shots of all the little details!  Keep reading to hear a little more about Allen, by Allen!

When and how did you get into the wedding industry?

I got into the wedding industry early 2011! At that time I had been shooting for fun for about 3 years, and never thought I would be in the wedding industry since I was working on my Ph.D. in neuroscience. One day a friend’s friend was hoping that I could shoot her engagements and bridals. When her friend saw them she booked me for her wedding, and I’ve never looked back since!

Where are you based and where do you meet clients?

I’m based in Dallas but shoot weddings all over the world. I meet clients at our studio off the Tollway in north Addison.

Describe your favorite type of client.

My favorite clients are clients that are just like me, foodies, love to travel, and love dogs! Stylistically speaking, I love clients that love the organic, natural, fine art type of look! I also love couples that take me to destination weddings because they’re a ton of fun!

What makes you different at what you do?

I think I’m very good at getting people comfortable shooting with me. I’m also very well balanced being artistic and technical at the same time.

Why do you think your clients hire you?

Many of my couples hire me because of how natural people look in my photos, not just the couple, but also the people surrounding them.  They also appreciate how nice the final art pieces look and the perfectionism in me, especially the wedding albums.

What do you love most about weddings?

The connections I make with the couple and the emotions of the day. I’ve done all genres of photography and weddings are still my favorite.

Allen Tsai Photography

Where do you think the line should be between technology that’s helpful for a wedding, and that which is hurtful (if it exists at all)?

I think technology is a double edged sword for wedding professionals. I love it when couples invite me to their wedding apps such as Appy Couple, where I feel like I get to know everyone at the wedding ahead of time. Instagram hashtags are also great for connecting with guests and providing more exposure for my photos. On the flip side, I do miss the days when guests were enjoying the moments through their eyes and not behind their phones. I’ve already learned to embrace photos with guests taking photos or video with their phone, but I still can’t wrap my head around guests using iPads to take photos during the ceremony, it’s just so distracting!

You can reach Allen through his website at  To see more of his gorgeous work, check him out on Instagram at @allentsaiphoto.

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  1. Stacy Edwards
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    This looks great ladies. I am inspired to get back to my blogging. Great Job!

  2. nick DiGennaro
    | Reply

    Allen, I love the the artistic quality to the shots here- very impressive!
    But i’ll have to pick your brain about the neuroscience sometime!

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