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When looking for a caterer for your wedding, don’t forget to check with your favorite restaurants!  Restaurant-based catering often comes at a lower price, because the cost is absorbed by the restaurant side of the business.  Known for their Southern comfort food, Black Eyed Pea Catering can nonetheless produce a lovely wedding spread in a number of different culinary genres.  When we’re looking for good food for a great price, we go to our friends at Black Eyed Pea!

When and how did you get into the wedding industry?

We have always catered for corporate offices, churches, and schools, but never for a wedding until 2003.  Our now Vice President was a District Manager at the time, and was visiting one of the restaurants one day when a bride and her mother happened to be at the same restaurant.  While talking with the table, she was asked by the bride if we happened to cater weddings.  Her response was “Certainly we can!”  So, in September of 2003 we catered our first wedding and have been offering elegant yet affordable catering ever since.  We cater about 100 weddings every year.

Black Eyed Pea appetizers

Photo provided by Black Eyed Pea

Where are you based and where do you meet with clients?

Our catering office is located in North Arlington, and although we cater out of all of our Metroplex locations, we usually meet with clients at our North or South Arlington restaurants to taste the food and discuss their event.

Describe your favorite type of client.

We most enjoy brides who remember that the reception is a celebration of their marriage. We love brides looking for fun and interesting items to serve as appetizers, varied entrees and even late night snacks for their guests to get the most enjoyment out of the event.  Because we cook all of our food fresh daily, throughout the day, we are able to work with most requested menus and help the bride meet her vision.

Black Eyed Pea buffet

Photo provided by Black Eyed Pea

What makes you different at what you do?

We offer specialized service for a great price.  We pride ourselves with our personalized service, where we work closely with our clients, to ensure that all aspects of the catering meet the expectations of each client.

What are some of the best compliments you’ve received from your clients?

The repeated theme on the majority of our reviews is “Fantastic Service” and “Great Food”.

What do you love most about weddings?

Being a part of someone’s special day; something that they will talk about and remember for the rest of their lives.

Check out Black Eyed Pea’s catering menu on their website!  You can also email them at or call 817.371.2283 to discuss catering!

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