Vendor Spotlight: Cindy Horstman

Whether your ceremony is inside or outside, a harp is a lovely choice for ceremony music. It provides a different sound than strings, but can offer wonderful interpretations of both classical and alternative pieces. One of our favorite harpists in DFW is the fabulous Cindy Horstman, and we’re so glad she took a few minutes to chat with us on her music and her business! Read on!

Harpist ceremony music Bella Donna Chapel

When and how did you get into the wedding industry?

I got into the wedding industry while I was in college in the late 70s. I’ve been in business as a freelance musician for 37 years. I am based in the Dallas area and invite my clients to come hear me playa public performances, which is a great way to decide if you like a musician! Or I will record and send [clients] mp3s of possible songs for their wedding. I can create arrangements for the harp out of almost any piece of music.

2Tone Harp and Bass ceremony music
What makes you different at what you do?

One thing that sets me apart is that I play an electric harp. It sounds like a traditional harp, but the tone is better and stronger for outdoor ceremonies. In addition to playing solo, I am a member of a harp and bass duo called 2tone, with Michael Medina on bass. For weddings and receptions, we create out own arrangements that have a contemporary, jazzy feel and the response from brides and their guests is very positive! I think clients hire me because I try my best to respond promptly and professionally to their requests and because me arrangements sound unique. The best compliments I receive are from happy brides that say that I made their wedding very special – I want to help make it special for them because it is their day!

Harpist ceremony music

Do you have a funny story about a previous event?

One funny story was from a wedding at the Arboretum, in Mimi’s Garden. The guests were seated on the lawn and for some reason, the timing of the sprinkler system was not right. When the bridesmaids were walking up the aisle, the sprinklers behind the guests came on! The coordinator turned them off quickly, but when the bride was halfway down the aisle the sprinklers came on again under her and all the guests! They were quickly shut off and the ceremony proceeded. The wedding was covered in the Dallas Morning News, and the bride’s father was quoted as saying, “I guess in every marriage a little rain must fall!”

Cindy Horstman Harpist ceremony music

You can hear some samples of Cindy’s music on her website. She is available by email at or by phone at 214.207.9494.

All images courtesy of Cindy Horstman

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