Vendor Spotlight: Haute Floral


Haute Floral bouquets Feather and Twine Photography

Photo courtesy of Feather and Twine Photography

Oooooo, the pretty!  Kristen Wolchik, owner and designer at Haute Floral, always brings us such lovely pieces.  She’s a whiz at finding the right look for every couple’s vision, and she loves to play around with new and creative approaches to floral!  Read a little more about Haute Floral below!

Describe your favorite type of client.

I always love a client who is excited to work with us!  It makes me giddy when a bride or other client comes in and already loves our work!  They generally already trust me to give them the best guidance and make the best decisions for colors, textures, & location of the designs.

Haute Floral centerpiece Flashbox Photography

Photo courtesy of Flashbox Photography

What makes you different at what you do?

I love to connect with my clients beyond the vendor/bride relationship.  If I can have a positive impact in your life, beyond just flowers, it’s always a goal.  I have so many brides turned friends! If something is crazy going on in life (weddings are always crazy, but sometimes OTHER crazy things go on at the same time!), I love being able to help in any way possible.  Sometimes around the time of the wedding… and sometimes years afterwards.  I think clients hire me because I work to achieve their vision for floral whether it’s fun & colorful, fancy & traditional, or just plain “I want the “WOW” factor!”.

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What are some of the best compliments you’ve received from your clients?

The best compliments I’ve received… the ones where a bride cries because I’ve been able to help them, sometimes with the wedding, sometimes beyond the wedding.  One of my all time favorite memories: A couple of years ago, I met a bride at a wedding show, we hit it off, & she became a client.  Every time we chatted, something nuts was going on.  She was in law school (hello, stress!), they bought a new house, house flooded, several other things – I’ll spare you the whole story.  A couple of months out from the wedding her grandmother passed away. She was traveling back and forth between Dallas & Houston A LOT as the wedding got closer. I remember calling her one day and she answered the phone something like, “Hello, Kristen, what can I help you with/what do you need?” I told her I had been thinking about her, knew she was under a lot of stress, and had arranged for a spa day of whatever she wanted at the hotel [where] they were getting married.  She burst into tears & couldn’t even speak…naturally, I ended up doing the same! I think for her some of it was just shock that somebody even cared enough about her, to see her. She was exhausted and completely drained. I cried with her because it was such a little thing, but obviously, much appreciated… and I had made a difference.

Haute Floral centerpiece Phase 3 Photography

Photo courtesy of Phase 3 Photography

How long have you been open? Where do you meet your clients?

11 years! We are based in Dallas & we generally meet clients at our studio by Love Field.

Haute Floral escort cards Feather and Twine Photography

Photo courtesy of Feather and Twine Photography

You can see more of Haute Floral’s amazing work on their website and on Instagram.  If you’re interested in working with Kristen, you can call Haute Floral at 214.578.6046, or email her directly at

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