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Choosing a photographer to capture your wedding day and the events leading up to it can be a challenge.  The perfect fit includes the right mix of talent, personality, and the artistic style that best expresses who you are as a couple.  Allow us to introduce you to a talented photographer who has PLENTY of style and personality. We love working with her – she’s so sassy and fun!  Here is what Miranda of Miranda Marrs Photography had to say about wedding photography.

 MirandaMarrs Tori and Zac1a

When and how did you get into the wedding industry?

Initially…I wanted to focus solely on newborns and families. During that time, I did some second shooting at weddings for a fellow photographer friend and realized, “Holy crap … I LOVE this.” After I had gained some experience and confidence, I began photographing weddings on my own… Now I get to spend my weekends capturing some amazing memories with some awesome people!

Where are you based and where do you meet with clients?

I’m based waaaay up north in Gainesville. I find myself capturing weddings from the Red River to anywhere surrounding the Metroplex! I always love to meet face-to-face with clients, but never want to force my couples to drive up here…so some of the time we’ll just set up a FaceTime or Skype date and gab about fun wedding stuff in our own living rooms.


Describe your favorite type of client.

Oh man, describe my favorite type of client? So, I always seem to find something I absolutely adore in each of my clients, and I like to think that’s because the type of couple I attract are just awesome type of people! I absolutely, positively, beyond a doubt love people who love to laugh. They speak my native tongue of sarcasm and aren’t afraid to let loose in front of their close friends. I love my fellow high fivers, the ones who like to laugh at the awkward moments in life, the ones that are not quite sure if they can dance, but they do it anyway.

I love couples that open their hearts to one another: when you catch a glimpse of them looking at each other, and you can see their eyes soften and a little grin grow on their faces. There’s just something so poetic about a couple who are both so into each other and okay with everyone knowing that. It doesn’t have to be shouted from the rooftops, or written in a poem… it could be him lightly touching her arm, or her straightening his tie for him. Okay, okay, sorry, I’m getting a little over-romantic about my clients…


Why do you think your clients hire you or what are some of the best compliments you’ve received from your clients?

The common thing that comes up a lot in my wedding reviews is that my brides felt like we were just friends while shooting…and how at ease that made them feel. That always makes me feel like I need to give myself a high five, because dangit, I love them too.

What do you love most about weddings?

…That this day, this one day, is going to be one of the biggest, most important days of this couple’s life… It’s a declaration of love and family and the joy that comes from it spreads from the bride and groom to everyone in the room. You’ll catch a couple of 30 years holding hands during the ceremony or the father of the bride giving his wife a quick kiss on the cheek while they watch the first dance… It’s a chain reaction that affects everyone who’s lucky enough to be there.


Do you have a funny story to share about a previous event?

I have to say one of my favorites was this reception where EVERYONE was just ALL IN…GRANDMA was out on the dance floor putting people to shame. Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off” came on (it was #1 on the charts at the time) and this huge, nearly 7 foot tall linebacker looking guy SPRINTS off the dancefloor, nearly pushing everyone down on his way out. A minute later, he comes running full force back onto the dancefloor with a TAMBOURINE. Yes, this guy had what he called an “emergency tambourine” in his car for situations just like this. The crowd was at a 7 before and when that tambourine showed up that place went up to an 11, I swear. I think we all need an emergency tambourine in our lives!


Tell us about one of your favorite uses of color in a wedding.

I have discovered (through weddings) that I have a serious love for gold. My two favorite color themes I’ve photographed have been pink, white, and gold (with little touches of gray), and also maroon, gold, navy, with little hints of pink here and there as well.


Please reach out to Miranda via email at, and check out more of her fabulous work on her website!

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