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We’re so excited to highlight an up-and-coming videographer today on the blog!  David Myers with Nice Shot Films might be new to the DFW area, but he brings a wonderful eye and a great sense of storytelling to his films, and our couples just can’t get enough!  Read more to learn about David and Nice Shot Films.

Nice Shot Films Kylie Crump Photography

Photo courtesy of Kylie Crump Photography

When and how did you get into the wedding industry?

As a filmmaking teacher, I spend a lot of time researching new equipment and meeting people in the filmmaking industry. A few years ago, Canon started using a wedding videographer from Austin as part of their online video resources. I was intrigued by his work and impressed by his wedding films, particularly since they utilized truly cutting-edge technique and equipment. It was the love of filmmaking that drew me into the wedding industry, but it’s been the people in the industry — the planners, the photographers, and especially the couples — who have made us fall in love with the vocation. It’s a great honor to be invited into a person’s most special day, to see them exchange love in authentic and sometimes quirky ways, and then to craft them a keepsake from the day, a visual record, that they’ll be able to keep with them for their entire lives.  Nice Shot Films opened its doors in 2014.

Nice Shot Films Azure Photography

Photo courtesy of Azure Photography

Where are you based and where do you meet with clients?

We are based in two locations: Dallas, Texas, and San Jose, California. One weekend we’ll be on the coast in Half Moon Bay. The next weekend, we’ll be on a ranch in Aubrey. It’s exciting to work in two different markets that offer two very different types of venues.

Describe your favorite type of client.

Our ideal clients cry during the exchange of rings and then howl with joy during the reception. They write their own, personal vows. They aren’t afraid to speak about their love, and they kiss each other with real passion right in front of the cameras. It’s those expressive, fun, vibrant couples that my shooting partner and I have really come to enjoy. Their films tend to be filled with that same energy, and it makes for great viewing.

Nice Shot Films Autumn Light Photography

Photo courtesy of Autumn Light Photography

What makes you different at what you do?

Unlike most videographers, we get films back to clients within three weeks of their wedding. That means we are downloading and editing our films on the day after we shoot them. That adds an element of immediacy to the process. The feel of the wedding is still fresh. When I’m editing, I still remember who everyone is and what felt the most important. I think that’s a fairly unique quality in the industry, and it makes our clients feel like our films have a very truthful, accurate portrayal of the day.

If you’d like to know more about Nice Shot Films or see more of their recent work, please head to their website at  You can contact David by email or by phone at 469.665.9963

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