DJs…the good, the bad, and the ugly

What’s the difference between the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to DJs?  Here are some examples:

1.  They don’t have the equipment requested.  This past week I requested a lavalier microphone for the officiant to wear during the ceremony on Saturday.  This did not make it onto the DJ’s truck, thus the minister had to use a hand held mic for the ceremony.  Not convenient when he has a bible, rings and the couple’s hand to juggle while doing this.  Especially not good if he hasn’t practiced this and the vows keep getting cut off as he moves the mic from himself to the bride or groom to quickly.  Even worse, the officiant decided to put on his own comedy routine to entertain those guests remaining seated while waiting for the receiving line to go down.  We took the microphone away.  Some people just can’t handle their microphone. 🙂  A good DJ will bring the equipment you asked for.  A great DJ would have double checked to make sure your request was taken care of, had a backup or had someone bring him said equipment if he didn’t have it there.

 2.  The songs you requested are not being played.  Too often an unprofessional DJ does not have the genre or the specific songs you requested, but what’s worse is he doesn’t read your song list until 2 days before the wedding.  He then calls and tells you to burn a cd of this, which would have been fine 2 months ago when you had time, but now you only have 36 hours and between picking up tuxedos and family, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, etc, you don’t quite have the time to spend 2 hours doing this.   A good DJ will have checked the song list immediately upon receiving it and make sure he has on hand what you need.  A great DJ will either have the songs already, or will obtain them on their own (legally), with no questions, no extra fees and no hassle.

3.  He skips the details you worked into your agenda, like the blessing you asked Uncle Phil to give before serving dinner.  Even though this may be written down directly in front of the DJ, they skip it because it’s not their “usual” and they simply aren’t paying attention to the written instructions.  A good DJ will be checking the agenda all evening, making sure to not skip any of the personal details you added to the evening.  A great DJ would have double checked the agenda with you before hand, making sure to understand all the nuances of your agenda and even making suggestions on personal touches you can add to your evening.

When interviewing a DJ, ask how they keep their library current.  Ask what they’ll do if they do not have a song on your request list.  Look at their paperwork and see if it allows you to customize your evening by adding personal touches, or if it just allows you to number things in the order they are to happen.  Find out from their references if there were any “little” mistakes at their wedding, and look at them with a microscope.  While these are little mistakes, it might be something this DJ has a habit of doing and you do not want it repeated at your wedding.  All of these questions will reveal whether the DJ you are looking at is one of the good, bad or the very ugly.

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  1. Glenn Roush
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    Wendy- Great post about DJ’s. Right on the money.

    Many of the DJ’s these days have online planning. I advise that brides request access to these tools to see how much custimization and feedback the DJ allows. You will be able to tell pretty quickly from discussions and planning forms whether the DJ does the same show every week or whether your reception will be custom and unique.


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