Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner

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We often hear at bridal shows or open houses, “Oh, we don’t need a coordinator or a planner. Our venue coordinator does that for us!” This is kind of a tricky topic, because yes, indeedy, some venue coordinators do offer planning or coordination services as part of or as an add on to the venue package. But pretty frequently, it only seems like you’ll be getting the same services from your venue coordinator as you would from a planner or coordinator, because, heck, this is the first wedding you planned and you don’t have all the information on how the industry works! So let’s talk a little about the differences between the two and how they’re relevant!


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Venue Coordinators

At the end of the day, a venue coordinator’s job is to ensure that the venue delivers everything that is contractually promised to the couple as well as to take care of the venue. Venue coordinators are great resources for all the ins and outs about events in their space. Will such-and-such fit here, how does the loading dock work, and where are the electrical outlets are all questions that your venue coordinator should be able to answer more or less immediately. Also, venue coordinators have a ton of experience with the actual day of the event and all the little hiccups that can occur. They do a wonderful job smoothing over small emergencies and handling changes on the fly. Some venue coordinators will offer ceremony planning assistance and management, but often this comes at an additional fee.


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Typically, venue coordinators do not have all of the contracts for all of your vendors in hand, so there can be a breakdown between what you requested from a vendor and what actually arrives. Also, it’s unusual, although not unheard of, for a venue coordinator to manage the scheduling and logistics for vendor arrivals. It’s important to remember that while your wedding is the most important day of your life, a venue coordinator may be running your wedding plus three more during the weekend. That’s a lot of details to juggle! Venue coordinators also understand the importance of returning the venue to pristine order and condition in a short amount of time, so that all couples have the same great experience with the quality of the venue.


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Wedding Planners

Planners are focused on the couple’s wants and needs, rather than the venue’s.  Planners will not only keep your day running smoothly, they will also work from the beginning of your wedding planning process to ensure that the venue and vendors are informed of the agenda that you prefer, the floor plan you create together, and any important information about how things will go down on the wedding day.  We work with vendors throughout the process to build a solid base of understanding and reliability for your wedding day. Wedding planners also network heavily among industry vendors, which allows them to help you find the best vendor for your needs at a rate that fits into your budget.  Finally, planners are exposed to a variety of designs and themes, which allows them to help guide you in selecting all of the little details that can make the picture in your head come to life on your wedding day!


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