Venue Love – Bella Donna Chapel

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Ah, yes, another installation of Venue Love!  This time we’re looking at one of McKinney’s most beautiful venues for a wedding ceremony, the Bella Donna Chapel.  This elegant little chapel mixes a somewhat mission-like exterior with an interior packed with old world charm.  Your guests arrive at the chapel and walk across a footbridge reminiscent of Rome.  The castle-like wooden doors provide for a grand entrance into the chapel’s interior.  Above the doors is a relief salvaged from a church in Europe after it was destroyed in a war.  Once inside, you’ll think that you’ve dropped into a small European cathedral.  Marble mosaics, hand painted frescoes, stained glass windows and antique wooden pews help to set the scene.  One thing most brides love about having a wedding here is that the interior really speaks for itself and requires very little in the way of interior decorations.

Bella Donna Chapel wedding ceremony venue McKinney

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the bride and groom get to ring the church bell, which has an interesting history all its own.  The bell is actually from Croatia, and it was part of a friendly exchange of gifts between the citizens of Supetar and Adriatica Village in Stonebridge Ranch, the home of Bella Donna Chapel.  If your family is Croatian, this could be a nice little touch to honor the old country.  If not, you still get to ring the bell!

Bella Donna Chapel wedding ceremony venue McKinney

The chapel can hold up to 125 guests in the wooden pews on the main floor and another 30 guests in the balcony.  With additional rented seating, the venue can accommodate up to 200, if necessary, although it’s a very tight fit.  In addition to the ceremony space, Bella Donna provides a changing room for the bride and one for the groom.  The photos from this post are from Katrina and Logan’s wedding in October and, as you can see, the ceremony can be just gorgeous!

Bella Donna Chapel wedding ceremony venue McKinney

For more information on Bella Donna Chapel, you can visit their website or their Facebook page, which has more great photos of the site.  The chapel is at 401 Adriatic Parkway in McKinney.  Their event coordinator is Rachelle Buckner, and you can reach her by email at or by phone at 972-836-7718.

Photography by David Cheney Photography