Wedding Cake – Part 1

While cake tastings can be one of the most fun appointments when planning your wedding (who doesn’t love eating cake!), it definitely helps to do your homework before attending.  Before making an appointment with a bakery, you need to narrow it down to a bakery or two that actually offers the options you are looking for in a cake.  Plus, you might want to do a little research on cakes and bakeries before choosing the ones to visit.  Here are some questions to think about:

Chocolate Grooms CakeHow many cakes will you be ordering?  A tradition throughout the southern states of America is to have a cake for the bride and for the groom.  This groom’s cake is usually where you will find the chocolate deliciousness that so many crave, but are not necessarily brave enough to include as part of their bride’s cake.  So, will you be taking part in this tradition, or just keeping it simple with one cake?

Second, do you want a cake or something else?  Many couples have started choosing cupcakes over a typical wedding cake, or even cake truffles.  If you want either of these options, this will narrow down your bakery choice.  Also, if you want what is known as a sculpted cake, this will help narrow down your choices as well.  (A sculpted cake is a cake made to look like something else, like a sports car, purse, etc.)Blue Purse Cake

What else do you need to know?  Well, I sat down with Sarah Halterman of Sweet Art Bakery and asked her a few questions to help you with this research.  Here’s some of what she had to say:

Q: What is the average price of the bride’s cake?  What about the groom’s cake?

Sarah: Most weddings I book are usually from 100-200 guests, so the brides’ cakes on average range from $300-600, most about $500. Groom’s cakes are generally to serve around 50 to 75% of the bride’s cake, so an average cost is usually $350.

White on White Square Cake with Green OrchidsQ: Are you seeing any new trends with the bride or groom’s cakes?

Sarah: Brides want clean and simple. Not really a new trend, but very popular. One trend I’m very excited about is the tiers of differing heights. I’ve had a few brides want these, and I love the look! Another great look that is gaining popularity is a clean cake with one big flower on the second tier.

Q: Since the average serving size from bakeries is a two inch square piece of cake, how do you recommend couple’s choose the amount of servings to purchase?

Sarah: The standard size is 1″x2″x4″(height). I say get as many servings as you think there will be guests. Worst case scenario- you have a little left over cake if not everyone eats a slice. You certainly don’t want to run out!

Q: Are more brides’ cakes all white, or are more incorporating color?  Do many choose cakes that are all one color other than white?

Sarah: The majority of cakes I create for weddings are requested to be all white with some accents in their color scheme, such as scroll work, or ribbon on each tier, etc. For those that want color, it’s usually all one color, like light teal, for example, and then she’ll want the second color to be pulled in with scroll work, ribbon, or flowers.

There are more questions to come, so check back in a couple of days for Part 2!

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