Wedding Flower: What is a Hydrangea?

When I first started wedding planning nothing could send me into a cold sweat like a floral appointment. Linens, cakes, venues- I could handle that, but I always felt like the last kid picked for the kickball team when talking to florists. Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers, I just wish I knew more than roses and Gerber daisies. Anyone with me?


Well after awhile I started to recognize more and more flowers. One common {and I might add beautiful}  wedding flower is hydrangea

Blue Hydrangeas on White Wedding Cake

Hydrangea are most often used as a filler flower in wedding bouquets and wedding centerpieces because although stem for stem theyare more expensive than roses, you get one huge bloom per one stem of hydrangea, which can be three times the size of a single rose. Of course, they do look stunning just by themselves.

They are also a flower that can fit into a lot of styles. They can perfectly achieve a romanctic look, a whimsical feel, or even used in a modern or contemporary design.

White Brides Bouquet with White Hydrangea, White Roses and White Gardenia

But hydrangea can be a tricky flower. They are “thirsty” flowers so when it’s hot outside they can wilt pretty fast if they aren’t given enough water before hand. If you have hydrangeas in your wedding bouquets, make sure to rest the stems in water when you can just to insure that they last and remain beautiful all night long.

My favorite part of hydrangeas is that they come in so many different colors; they range from white to dark purple. They can also be dyed or painted if you want them to be!           

Bridesmaid Bouquet with White Hydrangea, Blue Muscari and Blue Agapanthus Wedding Flowers

And best of all for you lucky Dallas Brides hydrangeas are a local wedding flower available all year long down here! 

So during your next floral meeting, maybe ask about adding a hydrangea or two?  You may love the results, and if not, then at least you know about another flower for future use right?

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  1. Sarah Halterman
    | Reply

    Great blog, Emily! Also keep in mind that fresh hydrangeas are not friends with cake, so be sure your cake designer is sure to put a barrier between them and the icing, or to use artificial hydrandgeas- they last a lifetime!

  2. Wendy Kidd
    | Reply

    Hey Sarah,

    Thanks for the comment. Can you explain what you mean about fresh hydrangeas are not friends with cake?


  3. Sarah Halterman
    | Reply

    Hydrangeas are moderately toxic if eaten, with all parts of the plant containing cyanogenic glycosides. Hydrangea paniculata is reportedly sometimes smoked as an intoxicant, despite the danger of illness and/or death due to the cyanide.
    So…basically- be on the safe side, and avoid fresh hydrangeas!! BTW- another common “wedding flower”, calla lily, is also toxic.

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