Wedding Flower: What is an Amaryllis?

red amaryllisI received a beautiful flower arrangement for the holidays.  It was made up of only two stems, one stem of Amaryllis and another stem of red berries.  The simplicity just makes it stunning, and it started me thinking how this bold flower could be used for weddings, but I don’t think many realize it’s flexibility.

The Amaryllis flower is actually available year round.  It comes in pale yellow, orange, salmon, red, deep red, pink, magenta and many combinations of these colors, such as pink and white.  The stem is leafless and tall, producing a cluster at the very top of these funnel shaped flowers, anywhere from 2 to 12 on one stem!  While the Amaryllis is listed as an expensive flower by the Bride & Bloom magazine, I think it is worth it considering how many flowers you get.  The stems usually run about $8-10 each. 

pink and white amaryllisThese flowers would be great in almost any capacity, such as part of the bride’s bouquet, or using the stems in a tall wedding reception centerpiece.  Due to the size, I would not recommend them for any personal flowers (such as a corsage) or even part of a bridesmaid bouquet as it would overpower any other flowers included.

Can you think of any flowers typically used for this holiday season that could be used for a wedding at another time of the year?

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