Wedding Flowers – What Happens After the Party?

Purple Wedding Flowers - Purple Bridal Bouquet

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In a previous post, we discussed a little bit about what happens to all those lovely flowers you paid to have at your wedding ceremony and reception.  We want to expand on this just a bit to give you some ideas on what to do with those flowers at the end of your event.

Typically, when you order your decor through a professional florist, they are quoting all vases, containers and other equipment as rentals.  This means that while you own the floral at the end of the night, the vases, urns and other other items (like candelabras), go home with the florist.  This means you and your guests must hand carry any flowers they would like to keep, as there are no containers available for transport.  If you would like to keep the vases, or perhaps hand out centerpieces to your guests to take home, you’ll need to ask your florist about including this cost in your proposal, or at least contact them before the night of the event to make payment arrangements for this.  We’ve had some clients decide on keeping only some of these vases, turning in a final number to the florist a couple weeks out from the florist so they can pay the fees for these vases with their final payment.


Navy & Gold Wedding Tablescape - Floral Centerpiece

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What else can you do?  Well, here are a couple ideas we received from florists:

  • Donate the floral to a nursing home or hospital – Amanda from Nest Floral Studio typically delivers floral left over from her weddings to local nursing homes either in the form of one large arrangement for their entryway, or loose stems that they can use for little vases they have at dining tables or residents rooms.  She’s also “flowered the block”  by turning leftover floral into arrangements for the businesses around her studio.
  • Gift the floral to your guests – When you don’t want to just hand out centerpieces, but maybe offer something a little more personal, ask your florist if they can bring a roll of kraft paper at the end of the night and use what floral is left to create bundles for guests to carry home.  You can get creative with this by creating custom stickers used to seal it off as the florist is wrapping the stems up.


Bridal Bouquet - Ivory & Greenery Floral Design

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Of course there are lots of ideas for preserving just your wedding bouquet.  Here are a couple options and companies we recommend who offer these services:

  • Freeze dry your bouquet and create a beautiful memento – Heller and Reid offers many, many options on how to display your bouquet, from a shadow box to lantern centerpieces, you can have your bouquet preserved for many years to come.
  • Create personal note cards from your bouquet – Floral Notes takes your bouquet and uses it in the creation of paper note cards that you can then use as thank you notes to your guests.


Purple Sequins Tablescape - Jewel tone florals - Flowers and candles

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Remember that if you are planning on having your bouquet preserved, you’ll need to make sure it gets plenty of water on the wedding day and you’ll need to make arrangements for shipping/transportation the day after your wedding so the bouquet is as fresh as can be when it reaches these companies.

For other great ideas for your wedding or general questions contact us!