Wedding Insurance – Purchase Do or Don't?

Captured by F8 StudioWedding insurance has been around a long time, but many couples have no idea it exists.  What is wedding insurance?  Very simply put, it’s an insurance policy that protects your investment in your wedding day.  This insurance can cover things like vendors not showing up or going out of business, cancellation/postponement of the wedding due to a key player (like dad or one of you) being hospitalized, and some companies even offer a “change of heart” policy that protects your parents investment in case you or your groom suffer from cold feet.  For a very small cost (compared to all the other purchases you are making), this policy is always a good idea.

So, where do you get it?  Well, the folks at can help you with that.  They recently reached out to us to let us know they had reviewed 19 wedding insurance policies, including 37 policy features and options.  We checked it out and greatly appreciate the detail they went into!  To see their results, check out  It’s worth the read!

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