Wedding Photos in a Snap!

Imagine: your big day was a smash hit, your honeymoon was fabulously rain-free and upgrade-tastic, and you’ve returned home in triumph to the post-wedding effluvia of gifts, leftover cake, and extra favors.  And then your friends and family start emailing and calling:

“I took the BEST photo of you and Groom dancing!  I posted it on Facebook for you!”

“Grandma developed all her photos, and she’s sending you a set next week.”

“Sweetie, your dad and I got those 20 disposable cameras downloaded – where should we send the files?”

And as you look out in the distance, you see your wedding zen speeding away like a bullet.  Gah!

Wedding dancing photo

Well, the digital age is here to save you!  Thanks to the wonderful world of apps, there are great ways to collect all of your photos in one spot AND allow your guests to upload and see photos in real time.  Less work for you – and that’s always a win.  We chose a couple of our favorite options and described them below.  Basically, your guests download a free app.  Then they can upload photos from their smartphones directly to a unified album or series of albums that you can manage.  Follow the links for more information.*

1. Wedding Snap: Wedding Snap has a couple of different packages, but all of them include some great basic features.  First, unlimited photo AND video uploads.  Second, unlimited albums (you get a year’s membership, so you can use the app for everything from your engagement party to your honeymoon!).  Third, you can download or order high quality images of any photo.  Fourth, free instruction cards for your guests.  If you choose one of the two upgraded packages, you can also have all uploaded photos retouched by a professional (pure gold).  The highest package also includes a live streaming slideshow that is *real time moderated* by professionals (so that your guests with questionable judgment don’t horrify your grandparents).  Your guests download the Wedding Snap app for free (they have an Apple and an Android version available).  The interface is similar to Instagram – you can add filters, effects, etc. as you’re uploading.

2. WedPics: The real bonus to WedPics is that the basic package is entirely free, to you and your guests, which is pretty awesome.  Here’s what you get: unlimited uploads via the app and a web interface (great if your guests are using digital cameras instead of smartphones); wedding bio with cover photo on the app after your guests log in to your event; a real time photo feed; 5 custom filters; the ability to comment on and ‘love’ photos posted; free photo downloads; and one year of free storage.  They do offer upgraded packages that would improve the quality of the images, add extended storage, include instruction cards, and create live slide shows for a fee.

3. Wedding Party: Wedding Party is also free for you and your guests.  As a bonus, it’s connected to, so you can easily upload your album en masse to your wedding website.  Wedding Party includes the following features: a free download for customizable place cards with instructions; a digital guestbook; real time uploading to a web site that can be accessed by absent friends and family; photo sorting into a timeline of the evening (love!); commenting and ‘like’ options; batch photo uploads, in case your wifi or data access is wonky during the event; easy album uploads to Facebook; and high quality photo files.  This one is super popular – there are TONS of positive reviews in app stores.


So check it out, and save yourself some stress!


*We pulled our descriptions from the linked sites, but PLEASE double check our facts before purchasing!

Photo courtesy of Joseph Mark Photography