Wedding Planner Geek Out

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Oh wow, it’s been a total month.  So sorry about that!  All I can do is blame it on June being the busiest wedding month.  I promise to do better!

For those of you who don’t know, my husband is a computer programmer.  The true geek.  Well, this week he got to see me “geek out” over one of my role models, Preston Bailey.  Preston is who I would consider to be THE premier event designer.  He designed Joan Collins’ daugther’s wedding, Donald Trump’s wedding (yes, the most recent), many, many, many events for Oprah and even TomKat.  He is the designer for the stars and his works is truly amazing and inspiring.  You can check out pics of his impressive portfolio at

Well, to my total luck, Preston came to Dallas.   During an event at The Crescent, he spoke to wedding professionals and brides about his career and gave advice to both sides of the field.  It was wonderful and heartfelt, funny and helpful.  He gave advice on being in the field, how to work with brides and even helped brides to understand how being open and adventurous can truly make their wedding special.  I was in total heaven!  I even got to take a pic with him!!!!


Yes, I totaly geeked out about seeing Preston Bailey.  For those of you who are at my CCEP meetings, you’ll get to hear all about it soon!

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