Why hire a hair & makeup artist?

Many times I ask my brides if they would like a recommendation for a hair & makeup artist, and this is the question I get in return.  Yes, I know you can do your own hair & makeup.  Yes, your girls can do theirs too.  My reason for recommending an artist is not because I feel like you are deficient in being able to take care of this yourself.

On your wedding day, it will probably be the only day you will have your own personal papparazzi follow you everywhere you go.  (Unless you’re a big movie star or someone else who attracts that crazy attention.)  Because of this, you will have more pictures taken of yourself than any other day in your life.  With this in mind, you obviously want to look your best in all those moments.  To look best on camera means a different level of makeup and hair artistry. 

Not only does your hair have to look good when your done, but it has to maintain that look through the entire day, usually at least 8 hours.  This means while you can certainly use a huge can of hair spray, you may not want it to be completely crusty and shiny.  A hair stylist will know how to create and maintain a look for you without all that crusty hair spray and make sure it will last throughout the day, whether you are planning on being outdoors or in. 

Same goes for your makeup.  Will the brand of makeup you are using create that flawless look and not need to be constantly touched up throughout the day?  Do you know how dark to put on your eyeliner so it will look great under the camera?  How will you know until you get back your pictures of the day?

The other reason I recommend a hair & makeup artist is to REDUCE stress.  It can be frustrating for any woman when their hair won’t do exactly what they want.  But what if it doesn’t react the way you like on your big day?  This just helps take the pressure off as you know the professional you hired can make your hair do what you want and you don’t have to worry.  Having a professional there for your bridesmaids can also take the pressure off of worrying if everyone will be ready on time.  A professional will have a schedule for all of this and can budget time appropriately.  It takes stress off mom’s shoulders too. 

While you are completely capable of handling this yourself, hiring a hair & makeup artist just has so many pros to it, that I always recommend one to my brides.  Of course it is their option whether to hire one, but I can say from experience that I’ve never had one regret hiring a professional to help with their big day.

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