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Using a DJ for your reception?  Excellent choice!  DJs offer you a level of flexibility that is unmatched by bands, plus a great emcee for the evening.  Here are some key ideas to consider when you’re hiring a DJ or working with one to create a plan for your reception!

1. You Get What You Pay For

DJs, especially, are a vendor where we see a lot of brides hitting the low budget panic button in an effort to save a little money.  If you’re at the beginning of your process, consider the following: your DJ is the single most important vendor when it comes to keeping your guests happy.  The mood of your reception, the tenor of your dance party, and the attention of your guests is all dependent on having a strong emcee who can read the dance floor and give the people what they want.  Also, a professional firm will have redundancies – a back up DJ in case yours is ill, extra equipment in case there’s a problem on the wedding day, and experienced support if needed.

2. Equipment

Don’t be surprised if there is an additional charge if you are having your DJ do the sound for your ceremony as well.  To a great DJ, this means a second sound system, additional microphones for your officiant, readers, etc., and potentially stressful timing if there’s no coordinator to assist with your entrance.

3. Lighting

DJs have lighting!  This is a super find for you, because it can minimize the number of vendors on your list.  If you’re looking for colored uplighting or a monogram on your dance floor, your DJ can probably provide it.  Larger, more established companies may have additional lighting options as well.

4. Make Your List and Check It Twice

It’s always helpful for a DJ to have a must play and/or a do not play list.  If you can keep these fairly concise, that will give your DJ room to fill in with songs that will pull your guests out onto the dance floor.  Even a short list of favorite songs from you and your partner will help your DJ pull together awesome playlists that reflect your taste.

5. Choosing the Highlights

Be sure to choose your special songs in advance, so that your DJ can have them all ready to go!  At a minimum, you’ll need to choose songs for your first dance, any dances with parents (father-daughter, mother-son), and your private last dance, if you have one.  Everything else – if you trust your DJ, leave those songs up to his/her discretion.

6. Friendor DJs

Your friend may know how to rock the dance floor at a club, and you may love his or her musical taste – but your friend is not a professional wedding DJ.  There’s a lot more to a great wedding DJ than keeping the dance floor packed all night.  Most importantly, an experienced wedding DJ can smoothly ferry your guests from event to event through well timed and precise announcements, then crank up the party when the time is right.  Plus, then your friend gets to enjoy your wedding rather than working!

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    I am wanting to get a DJ for my daughters wedding. She put me in charge of it because she knows how much I like the entertainment side of things. I am glad to know that most DJ’s can provide colored lighting, because I think my daughter would like that.

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