Vendor Spotlight: Candlelight Films

  Photos courtesy of Candlelight Films We’ll just say it – we *adore* today’s spotlight, Candlelight Films.  Clint and Lauren create some of the prettiest, happiest, cleanest, best edited wedding videos that we get to see.  They’re kind of the cat’s pajamas, folks.  Keep reading to get their story, straight from Clint! When and how did you […]

Vendor Spotlight: Bella Acento

  Photo courtesy of F8Studio A beautiful and creative way to showcase your personal style on your wedding day can be done through rentals. These rentals can range from chargers and china to luxury seating. These unique pieces and settings allow you to thread your style and design and pull it through each element of […]

Redux – Setting the Scene: Tabletops

Let’s just admit it – we’ve all had that moment on Pinterest where you look at a perfectly gorgeous table and think, “Yes, yes, yes.  This is what I want for my wedding.”  But what goes into creating that styled look?  There are a whole variety of things to consider – table size and shape, […]

Vendor Spotlight: Miranda Marrs Photography

  All photos courtesy of Miranda Marrs Photography Choosing a photographer to capture your wedding day and the events leading up to it can be a challenge.  The perfect fit includes the right mix of talent, personality, and the artistic style that best expresses who you are as a couple.  Allow us to introduce you […]

Venue Love: The Windsor at Hebron Park

For this month’s edition of Venue Love, we have one of Carrollton’s beautiful wedding venues. Allow me to introduce you to The Windsor at Hebron Park. This venue offers the ease of having your ceremony and reception all in one location. The traditional style chapel boasts soaring windows and rich wood accents. The reception space […]

Showering the Couple

  Photo courtesy of Katie Cassidy Photography Bridal showers are traditionally a close, intimate gathering of family and friends to extend good wishes to the bride and groom and to present the bride or couple with gifts that would help them start a new household. Since showers are more rooted in tradition, many couples have questions […]

A Toast to the Couple!

  Photo courtesy of Flashbox Photography Toasts – the most anticipated and/or feared part of any wedding celebration. Just kidding! Toasts are usually a great way to allow your nearest and dearest a chance to honor you and your new spouse. Unfortunately, those nearest and dearest might be very nervous about standing up and speaking […]

The Wedding Party – How to Ask

Photo courtesy of Katie Cassidy Photography Ready to pick out your bridesmaids, groomsmen, bridesmen, and/or groomsmaids? Here are a few tips on making the process go smoothly! First, before asking your friends to join the wedding party, be sure that you have a date, a place, and a time locked in (and by that, we […]

Traditional Duties for Wedding Party and Family

We hear from couples, wedding party and even family asking, what are we supposed to do?  So, here are some traditional roles/duties for some key players in the wedding to help out the couple in preparation for their big day: Maid/Matron of Honor helps the bride select the bridesmaid’s attire and the bride’s dress helps […]

Working with a Band

Photo by Mary Fields Photography Using a band for your reception?  Should be awesome!  Bands are a wonderful way to get all of your guests on the dance floor as well as reflecting your taste in music.  Here are some key ideas to consider when you’re hiring a band or working with one to create a plan for your […]

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