Print Types 101

Perplexed about print types? You’re not alone! There are 7 major types available and the price range varies widely. The type of printing you choose can have a large impact on your viewer, since paper goods are important for setting the theme, color scheme, and level of formality for your event. And since they’re responsible […]

Wedding Paper Basics

This month on the blog, we’re going to explore the ins and outs of paper products for your wedding and hear from some of our favorite vendors on how they make all that paper look… so… PRETTY! To start out, let’s look at the necessities – what are the paper products that pretty much everyone needs […]

Vendor Spotlight: Holly Viles Design

When it comes to weddings, there is one element that can stun to silence (besides the gorgeous couple, of course), and that’s floral. Please read on to learn about the gorgeous blooms and feeling created by Holly Viles of Holly Viles Design! How long have you been in the wedding industry? I have been doing […]

Setting the Scene: Rentals

Sometimes, the venue you’ve chosen just doesn’t have everything you need. Rental items can make a dramatic difference in the feel of the room, whether you’re focusing on large items like lounge furniture or small items like centerpiece elements. And the great thing about rentals? They can be delivered and picked up, saving you and […]

Setting the Scene: Lighting

Lighting is one of the under-appreciated aspects of event design.  It’s a subtle way to change the feel of your room and can even hide bits and pieces that you don’t like very much.  Let’s look at a few commonly used lighting elements for weddings, as well as the logistics of securing lighting. Uplighting Uplighting is usually […]

Styled Shoot: Steampunk Fun

Here’s a little extra pretty with a dash of nerd to brighten up your day!  When creating this concept, we really wanted to design a rich, lush tabletop with loads of details, to bring in the essence of the steampunk style while keeping to more modern silhouettes. To do that, we created a color palette […]

Setting the Scene: Tabletops

Let’s just admit it – we’ve all had that moment on Pinterest where you look at a perfectly gorgeous table and think, “Yes, yes, yes.  This is what I want for my wedding.”  But what goes into creating that styled look?  There are a whole variety of things to consider – table size and shape, […]

A Cohesive Design

When planning your wedding, you’ll be visiting several different vendors and will have to describe what you want your day to look like over and over. This is all in an effort to bring them on board with your look, feel, or theme. They need that information to be able to even give you a […]

Vendor Love: Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

Time to talk to another of our favorite vendors!  Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo is the home of fab makeup artist Wendy Zerrudo and her team.  These ladies have style and sass down to an art!  We talked with Wendy about her business, and here’s a little of what she had to say.  Photo Credit: Hampton Morrow Photography […]

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