The Bridal Suite Experience

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What you do during the day leading up to the wedding can be important. It’s a time spent with the ones you love and creating an environment that is conducive to relaxation and joy. We came up with some helpful suggestions that will make the day not only go smoother but be more pleasant overall. This is how you can create a good bridal suite experience.


Who will be with you?

This is a big one! The most important aspect is the company you keep. You want the energy of the room to be fun and relaxing. Make sure the people you invite to get ready with you will contribute to that vibe. Typically, a bride spends around 6 hours in the bridal suite before “I do”. That’s a long time – but it will fly by if you are surrounded by your besties, close relatives, or anyone else that is good company. It could be two people, or it could be fifteen. By deciding who you want to be surrounded by prior to your big day, you will have one less thing to worry about the day of.


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Timing is everything!

Make an agenda (or have your wedding planner do it) for your bridesmaids and family. If everyone knows what is expected of them, there are less likely to be stragglers or delays. It keeps everyone on the same page and all the plans you’ve been making running smoothly. Also, it can specify what things should be happening in what order.  A great example is that it’s super helpful to have bridesmaids and loved ones get dressed before the bride, so that when the bride is getting her dress on there is no one in their athletic shorts and Twilight t-shirt in the photos (unless that’s how your crew rolls).


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Food – Fueling up!

You definitely don’t want to go 6+ hours without food. You can bring food with you, order from a delivery service, or sometimes the catering company that is catering your wedding would make you a tray (if you coordinate it beforehand). Whatever route you choose to go make sure you are fueling up, especially if you are drinking alcohol. You will not only feel better (anybody else get cranky when they don’t eat like me?) but chances are you won’t eat as much as you’d like at the reception either. Eat up beforehand just in case.


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Gather your stuff together

Before the ceremony you usually aren’t too worried about the things you brought and where they will in end up. You might want to organize it before the nuptials begin because once it starts you don’t have much time to get back to the room. If you are leaving from the bridal suite after the reception, gather your items so someone can easily put them in your getaway car for you. If you are getting ready in the hotel room where you and your new spouse are planning to stay the night, make sure your friends and family clear out their stuff before, so you don’t have to worry about it when you are exhausted after the wedding. It just makes life easier to do it all beforehand!


Hopefully, these tips help with things that you were trying to navigate, or you hadn’t thought of yet. You spend a lot of time in the sanctuary of your bridal suite, so should be an enjoyable experience that you remember. If you did something unique or have ideas on how to create the ultimate bridal suite experience, email us and let us know!

Shawna is the Office Manager at Each & Every Detail and has been in the wedding industry since 2012, serving different roles including Venue Coordinator, Catering Manager and Assistant Wedding Planner. Shawna also serves as an Assistant Wedding Planner at Each & Every Detail.

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