Registry Tips and Tricks

Registering for gifts can be one of the best bits of the wedding planning process.  You finally get to have that day of shopping where it doesn’t matter how much money is actually in your bank account – you can … Read More

New Ring, New To-Do List

We love Simply Bridal‘s infographics!  They are fun, fabulous, and super helpful, and they cover a range of topics.  Since it’s engagement season, we wanted to feature one of our favorites for newly engaged couples.  It’s always tempting to jump … Read More

Bridal Shower for Two?

The bridal shower has its roots in the dowry system of yore and many brides-to-be look forward to the opportunity to gather with close family and friends prior to the big day.  Traditionally, the bridal shower is a very feminine … Read More

Common Practices: Engagement Session Images

We recently sat down with Cindy from Cindy & Saylor Photography and were chit-chatting about the things vendors discuss when we asked Cindy something we get asked quite frequently.  We loved her answer as it really explains the photographers decision, … Read More

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