Design of a Groom’s Cake

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Groom’s cakes have come a long way since their origination as a wedding tradition in Victorian England.  Back in those days, groom’s cakes were heavy, dense fruitcakes, some flavored with chocolate or alcohol, which was considered a more appropriate choice for male guests than the lighter texture of the wedding cake.


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Cake by The Cake Guys


An interesting tradition called for a slice of groom’s cake to be boxed and given to unmarried women at the wedding, who would then take it and place the box under their pillow.  Legend has it that this would allow the woman to have sweet dreams of her future hubby!


Photo courtesy of Kylie Crump Photography

Cake by Frosted Art Bakery


Nowadays, the groom’s cake is mostly considered a Southern tradition and its appearance is light years away from its Victorian predecessors. Typically, a groom’s cake reflects the personality and interest of the groom and gives him a chance to have something in the wedding personalized just for him. The cakes can range from simple chocolate frosted to elaborately designed confections that look too amazing to cut.



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Cake by Sweet Art Bakery


The sky’s the limit when it comes to design ideas. What Star Wars fan wouldn’t want a Death Star cake? What about a Batman logo for that avid Batman lover? Sports teams, alma maters, branches of the Armed Forces, firefighters and police are all popular themes.


Photo courtesy of Amy Karp Photography

Bundt Cakes by Nothing Bundt Cakes


And who says you have to have a groom’s cake? A groom’s dessert can be just as great! Does your man like pie? Then get mini pies and display as his “groom’s cake”.  Popsicles or an ice cream bar make for a sweet, cool-down in the hotter months. Oreos, donuts, Rice Krispy treats, whatever dessert he loves can be re-imagined into the wedding cake’s counterpart.

Whether it’s an actual cake or a dessert, the groom’s cake is a fun and delicious way to spotlight Prince Charming on his big day.

For more information about groom’s cake options contact us. Be sure to check out our blog about Bridal Cakes as well.


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