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Violet Floral - Museum Wedding - Flashbox Photography

Photo courtesy of Flashbox Photography


Pretty, pretty flowers!  When designing a wedding, floral design is one of those areas where a little creativity can have a HUGE impact!  Floral can change the look and feel of your venue, imply a certain type of environment, and emphasize or subdue the impact of your color palette.  I want to show you a few of my favorite unexpected places to put up some gorgeous floral, as well a couple of nifty trends you’ll see floating out in the aether.

Unexpected Places
Hanging Floral Arrangement - White Floral Installation - Amy Karp Photography
Photo courtesy of Amy Karp Photography
Hanging Installations: Although the floral ring has been around for awhile, there have been lots of fun, new options popping up in Floral-land recently for pulling your guests’ eyelines upward.  Use hoops!  Or terrariums!  How about adding dangling geodes?  Pop some greenery up there!  Or even branches, if you’re going for a more minimal look, or single stem for a boho vibe…  The possibilities are endless.  Hanging floral tends to work better in a venue with great rigging points, but a creative florist can make it work!
White Floral Tree - Escort Card Table - Leslie Spurlock Photography
Photo courtesy of Leslie Spurlock Photography
Entrance: Does your venue have a door of some kind?  Yep, I thought so.  How about setting the tone for your guests from their first steps inside? Make some magic outside of your entryway by using an arch around the door or even lining the walkway in candles, garlands, or luminarias.
Behind the Stage: Rocking a band or a hip DJ?  Bring some attention their way by creating a floral statement piece behind the stage.  It’ll make for great photos the whole night!
Floral Trends
Floral Wall - White and Red Flowers - Amy Karp Photography
Photo courtesy of Amy Karp Photography
Floral Walls: Oh me, oh my, have these floral walls not become utterly fabulous?  I love a gorgeous, colorful floral wall – or even a boxwood hedge wall with floral accents – set up behind a cool little seating lounge.  Insta heaven!  Add a laser cut sign with your names or your hashtag to make it all yours!
Tropical Floral - Green Orange Pink Flower Arrangement - Simple Moments Photography
Photo courtesy of Simple Moments Photography
Tropicals: I see more and more florists mixing in beautiful tropical blooms like protea and ginger with our more typical Texas lovelies.  Mix up your textures a bit by taking a page from the islands, and bring a little modern splash to your floral theme!
Moongates: They’re everywhere!  These beautiful hoop installations are a gorgeous ceremony backdrop option.  You can make it yours by going lush and lavish or keeping it constrained and cultivated.
All white bouquet - Small bouquet - Wedding Floral - Amy Karp Photography
Photo courtesy of Amy Karp Photography
Smaller bouquets: It feels like we’re moving towards more petite bouquets, after a few years of overflowing bouquets that hide the bride!  I see more slender lines in bouquets to show off the more elaborate bodice details we’re seeing in dresses, both for brides and maids.
Hopefully this inspires you and maybe you’ll consider your options for the “wow” factor when it comes to your floral. For even more inspiration visit our wedding albums on our website. If you have some trends or unexpected floral pieces you’d like to share with us please email us!

Brooke has been planning weddings since 2013 and is the Senior Lead Planner at Each & Every Detail. She is a Certified Wedding Planner with the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners and has been an instructor in their training courses since 2016.

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