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The groom’s cake is a Southern tradition that basically adds more cake flavors to the table, in addition to allowing the groom to show off a little of his personality.  But maybe cake isn’t your partner’s thing and you want to do something different.  We pretty much love cake, but we’re in support of all forms of sugar, really!  We totally love it when we can find a way to showcase something different that your partner actually likes (gasp!).  Keep on reading for some of our favorite options!

  • Ice cream or gelato: If you’re ice cream people, get a cart!  Many ice cream or gelato parlors offer some sort of mobile option.  At a larger venue, your caterer might be able to provide a more elaborate ice cream sundae bar.  Note – ice cream cake can be a difficult one, due to the trickiness of keeping that at the right temperature throughout the evening.
  • Pies, cheesecakes, or other non-cake cakey things: Got another dessert that you love to slice?  Sub it in!  Use your favorite bakery, or talk to your wedding cake baker to see if they also can make desserts.  With these cakey things (highly technical term), you can do them regular, 10″ round sizes, or you can do them as mini desserts, hand pies, or something in between.
  • Cookies: Homemade, from the baker, or even from the Girl Scouts… delicious.
  • Candy: Candy bars are always fun – plus they give you a little leeway to work in your color palette or theme.
  • State Fair desserts: Do you love the State Fair?  Bring some in to serve as your second dessert!  If cotton candy is your thing, find a cotton candy guy.  What about the art pancakes?  Those are pretty fun!  How about a more savory snack, like popcorn?  You can even do a popcorn bar to mix in some sweeter options as well.  Or, ooo, funnel cake!
  • Popsicles: Popsicles are awesome for summer weddings.  We love Steel City Pops here in Dallas, and other cities have other vendors who can come with a cart and serve some icy sugar!
  • Family recipes: Does your partner’s family have a special or ethnic dessert that they make that is a must have, like baklava, ras malai, or honey cakes?  That’s a great way to bring a unique and personal touch to your dessert table, and many caterers will use your recipe and do the cooking for you so that your family doesn’t have to!
  • Anti-Dessert: Some partners just don’t roll with sugar.  It’s not their thing.  Okay – what does he/she like to splurge on?  Pizza?  Granola?  Coffee?  Nuts?  Lettuce?  Think outside the box and find a way to make your second “dessert” fun AND relevant!  Or, instead of serving it with dessert, turn it into a late night snack for your guests.

Let your imagination (and your sweet tooth) guide you!


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