How to Make an Impact with your Wedding Design

Tent Draping with Purple Uplighting - Wedding Draping - Autumn Light Photography

Photo courtesy of Autumn Light Photography


Let’s talk about the pretty for a second! Other than the obvious elements (ahem… flowers), there are other things that people don’t always think about when considering their wedding design. These things can be used to draw in your theme or the feeling you desire for your big day!



Yes, the venue does have lights already. Depending on the venue, you can choose to dim the lights to give the room a different feel and maybe a more romantic aesthetic. What about other lighting options though? There is a variety of lighting systems to give your room a different vibe. For example, add some string lighting to bring in a romantic, outside feel. You can also bring in uplights. These not only can bring in more of your colors but can also help to set the tone for the dance floor later on in the evening. Maybe, think about bringing in a GOBO which can project a monogram on the wall!


Purple uplights - Wedding Lighting - Jenny Bright Photography

Photo courtesy of Jenny Bright Photography



With what seems to be unlimited options, linens can be a simple way to draw in your colors or theme. You can choose to have specialty linens at the special tables – sweetheart table, head table, cake table, sign in/gift table – and simpler, solid colors for guest tables. Specialty linens include different patterns, colors, and textures. 

If you really want to go all out with your décor use specialty linens for all the tables. If you want to get super creative, mix and match an assortment of linens! Keep in mind you still want to stick within the aesthetic of the wedding and make the room look cohesive.

Here are some of my current favorites!


BBJ Linens - Wedding Linens - Dallas Linen Trends


Linens from BBJ Linen Rental


Lounge Furniture

Something we don’t always see but can make the wedding feel more cozy and welcoming – Furniture! When it comes to lounge furniture the possibilities are endless. Mix and match colors that tie in well. Pick from all kinds of lounge furniture arrangements – chic couches, colorful chairs, modern ottomans, swanky side tables, eclectic rugs, etc. Furniture is both useful but also helps to create beautiful spaces for your guests to hang out. My point is, there is so much you can do with furniture to bring in color or a different vibe!


Beautiful Event Rentals - Wedding Lounge Furniture - Dallas Furniture Rental

Furniture from Beautiful Event Rentals



A lot of ballrooms and venues have a very corporate, neutral look to them. You ask, what is the solution to this? Cover them up! Draping can bring a lavish, sophistication to your wedding or be very simple and elegant. It instantly changes a room either way. Typically, most people go with a classic white but there are different options out there to go the extra mile. You can drape the walls, the inside of a tent, create a stunning entrance, or even a tunnel for your guests to arrive through. Going back up to lighting, it adds another level of effect to the draping when uplighting is used.


White Wedding Cake - Lavender Floral Cake - Acrylic Cake Stand

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Cake Stands

Want to add some boldness to your cake without having to come up with an elaborate design? Think outside the box and consider what you are putting your cake on at the reception. Use an acrylic stand to give the illusion the cake is floating or fill it with floral and add some elegance. Country wedding or just really into hunting – Use a cake stand made from antlers. You could literally have your cake hanging from the ceiling if you wanted to. I’ve seen it all! There are many places to rent a cake stand or you could have one custom built especially made for you.


All in all, there are an abundance of décor options to help make your day how you envision it. Don’t be scared to make some bold moves and go outside of the box! If you would like us to help you with the design of your wedding, please reach out to us. We would love to brainstorm with you on how to bring your wedding to life! You can also check out our blog, Pretty Little Details, on how to add some personal touches to your wedding. 

Megan is a Lead Wedding Planner at Each & Every Detail and has completed training through the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners. She has been at Each & Every Detail for two years.

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