Is Hiring a Planner Worth It?

Bride and mom prepping for weddingHuffington Post recently featured a bride’s blog post titled, “Why We Didn’t Hire a Wedding Planner… But Wish We Had.”  Here’s some highlights:

– The author intended to save money by eliminating the cost of a planner, but realized after the fact that hiring someone early in her planning process could have helped them save money by guiding them towards more appropriate vendors, tracking spending and making suggestions to keep them within budget, and eliminating last minute ‘surprise’ expenses through a deeper understanding of the services and goods requested.

– She also felt that working with a planner would eliminate her choices and her involvement entirely.  She found after the fact that she could have chosen specific services that would have simply turned over the tedious tasks to a planner while allowing her to retain decision-making power.

– Last minute details and changes meant that her parents, family, and friends all became much more involved in minutiae on the day of the wedding than she and her fiancé had planned.

One of the most difficult obstacles for wedding planners to overcome is the stereotype of the exorbitant, flashy, spendthrift artiste who seizes on your day and refuses to let go.  Really, this is not what we do (or, honestly, what we want to do).  Maybe you’re not the couple who needs someone else to remind you of deadlines, or help track your budget, or research venues and vendors, but every couple reaches a point in the planning process where the ability to turn over the running of the show to someone you can trust to handle the details becomes a need.  Some couples start the process recognizing that need immediately, and some, like the author, get closer to the date before it all becomes overwhelming.  Think of us as your trainer.  We’re creating a plan for you to follow to reach your goal – a happy, worry-free wedding day – and we’re there to motivate you when you need that extra push.  We work hard to match you with vendors that fit you – your style, your vision, your budget.  We find ways to combine your dreams with the practicalities of the day that might limit what you can do on your own, like set up times and venue regulations.  We take care of the million little things that you simply don’t have time to do, because real life gets in the way.  We want to take some of the details off of your plate so that you and your mom are able to spend time together on your wedding day without stressing that things are getting done.  We’re a cheerleader, an advocate, and that friend that never, ever gets tired of talking about wedding details.

Curious about what we do and how we do it?  You can read more about our services here or, if you have specific questions, drop us a line or give us a call!  We want every couple to look back on their wedding day with joy – no regrets.

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