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Selecting Your Ceremony Music

While the ceremony is the most important piece of your wedding day, often times the music that accompanies your ceremony is overlooked and decided on last minute. Think of the music for your ceremony as the soundtrack to these amazing moments. Shouldn’t it be special?  Of course, you may be restricted based on your ceremony […]

Vendor Spotlight: 5 by 7 Designs

We have one final fantastic stationer to round out our month of paper!  Meet the fabulous Annie Roche of 5 by 7 Designs.  She’s a whiz with paper goods – and beyond paper!  Read on! (All photos courtesy of 5 by 7 Designs) When and how did you get into the wedding industry? After college, my plan […]

Vendor Spotlight: The Left Handed Calligrapher

One way to make your paper products a little more personal, a little more special, is to use a calligrapher. A unique handwritten font can really set the tone for your wedding day! Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Nicole Black, owner of The Left Handed Calligrapher.  Let’s see what she has to say! […]

Setting the Scene: Rentals

Sometimes, the venue you’ve chosen just doesn’t have everything you need. Rental items can make a dramatic difference in the feel of the room, whether you’re focusing on large items like lounge furniture or small items like centerpiece elements. And the great thing about rentals? They can be delivered and picked up, saving you and […]

Setting the Scene: Lighting

Lighting is one of the under-appreciated aspects of event design.  It’s a subtle way to change the feel of your room and can even hide bits and pieces that you don’t like very much.  Let’s look at a few commonly used lighting elements for weddings, as well as the logistics of securing lighting. Uplighting Uplighting is usually […]

A Cohesive Design

When planning your wedding, you’ll be visiting several different vendors and will have to describe what you want your day to look like over and over. This is all in an effort to bring them on board with your look, feel, or theme. They need that information to be able to even give you a […]

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