Sarah Varnau

Lead Planner

After completing an internship with us in 2016, Sarah knew she wanted to be a wedding planner and jumped right into completing the training courses through AACWP shortly after her internship. We added her to the team as an Assistant Wedding Planner, which she excelled at, so we happily promoted her to the Lead Planner role in 2017. Sarah’s been described as loyal, calm, knowledgeable and passionate.

One of her clients said this about her:

“It was so amazing to just be able to relax and enjoy the day while knowing Sarah had everything under control. From being the first one to arrive at the venue to help set up and style decor, to being on her hands and knees blotting out red wine that was spilled on the bottom of my wedding dress – there was nothing she didn’t do with the utmost professionalism. I am so appreciative of everything Sarah did to help me have the wedding of my dreams!”

A little more about Sarah
  • She’s a huge Harry Potter fan and even named her dog Muggles.
  • Ask her to rap the opening number of Hamilton (she's a big musical fan and knows all the words).
  • Her degree in history and minor in film studies means she’s of course a historical movie buff!
  • Sarah loves wedding ceremonies as she says they are always special and loves hearing stories about couples married for many, many years.
  • Check out the picture to see some of Sarah's favorite things.