Planner Spotlight: Megan Burkett & Sarah Varnau, NEW Lead Planners


Megan Burkett                                               Sarah Varnau


We have recently promoted not one, but TWO of our assistants to lead planners! Both ladies have unique qualities and have shown they are ready to take on their own weddings time and time again. Let’s get to know them a little bit more….


What is your favorite 90’s jam?

Megan: Ironic by Alanis Morissette

Sarah: I Want it that Way by The Backstreet Boys


What’s the last book you read?

Megan: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Sarah: Pride and Prejudice (again)


What was the last gift you gave someone?

Megan: I recently gave my husband a Guardian Bell for his motorcycle. Legend says it keeps bad road sprits away!

Sarah: A handmade card for a friend.


What was the funniest thing that happened to you recently?

Megan: Since my whole at home life revolves around my son, of course the funniest things involve him. The other night he was making baby sounds, my husband and I take this as him talking to us, and so I started copying his baby noises. After I would mimic his sound his eyes would light up, his smile got so big, and then he responded with a similar baby sound. This conversation with my 2 month old went on for a good 10 minutes.

Sarah: At one of the most recent team meetings Megan was skyping in from California. She was holding her two month old son, Eli, and it didn’t seem like he was blinking. Tammi made a comment about it and we all laughed then moved on with our meeting. Tammi got hung up on the fact that he wasn’t blinking and her reaction was priceless! It had us all laughing.


What is your favorite restaurant?

Megan: Korean BBQ Village in California

SarahPalio’s Pizza Cafe


Who is your favorite superhero/fictional hero?

Megan: Batman!

Sarah: Wonder Woman


How would your friend’s describe you?

Megan: My friends tend to tell me that I’m “too nice”

Sarah: According to them I am loyal, passionate, intelligent, and occasionally I can be funny.


What inspires you?

Megan: Good people inspire me. When I see a person do something good like let me over in traffic or a random person who smiles back when we walk past each other. Just seeing that there are still nice and good people in the world inspire me to be the best person I can be.

Sarah: The amazing tenacity of the people around me.


What were you up to before you got into the wedding industry?

Megan: I was living in Phoenix and worked my way up at Jason’s Deli in the catering department. I was training to become a store manager but felt like catering was closer to my immediate career goal of planning. So I worked my way up over two years to our store’s catering manager. Our store had the highest volume of catering in our district.

Sarah: I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my History major, so I initially interned at Dallas Heritage Village. I spent that summer researching the history of the museum to help them prepare for their coming 50th anniversary. I really enjoyed the people and the history, but there just wasn’t the right balance of research and creative expression. I then accepted an internship in the production department of the local public television station. I did a variety of tasks there that culminated in producing a short segment for their arts and culture website about a local musician. That internship seemed to be on the other end of the spectrum in terms of research and creativity. My 3rd internship was with McKinney Main Street. I helped plan and execute some of the events that take place downtown, as well as other projects that helped promote area businesses. It was a fantastic experience! I finally felt like I found a good balance. However, the events were huge. I wondered if something a little more personal might be an even better fit. That’s when I found Each and Every Detail’s internship program.


How did you get into the wedding industry?

Megan: I have known since I was little I wanted to be a planner, so when I moved to Dallas I started to research planners. I came across EEDs website and started reading about my now co-workers. When I got the bottom of the page it talked about their internship. I decided to take a chance and apply. A few weeks after, I got an email for an interview. Of course when offered the internship, I accepted and have now moved from intern, to assistant, to lead.

Sarah: Weddings have always held an interest for me because it is a start of a life together. The emotions that come with that moment of change are beautiful to me. However, I never really considered planning as a career. I even had a friend in high school that was interested in going into the industry and talked about it at lunch, but I guess I just wasn’t ready to see it. During college, I began to take stock of the things that I value and work experiences that I enjoy. I learned through my first couple of internships that I needed a position with the right balance of organization and creative expression. My third internship had exactly that balance, but there was something missing. It was the personal connection. I came to realize that I have always valued helping other people find the answers. The question became: in what way do I want to help people. As I was researching my next internship, I remembered Each and Every Detail from my time with Downtown McKinney. Wedding planning seemed to check all the boxes, but I knew that I would need to experience it to know for sure. One of the biggest draws for me was that the internship program required most of the time be spent in the office. I would be able to actually see what a planner did day to day. My assessment of the necessary skills, challenges and opportunities were validated as I went through the program and I knew I wanted to make this a career. It is the perfect fit for me.


Describe your favorite type of client.

Megan: My favorite type of client is one that goes outside of the box and doesn’t do the usual!

Sarah: I love a client that is passionate. Excitement is contagious and I love to have that positivity when working with a couple.


What makes you different at what you do?

Megan: What makes me different is I live by the saying “never do anything you aren’t proud of.” I always put my best foot forward to get the best results.

Sarah: My ability to take in and retain information has served me well in this industry. I am also very detail oriented (which means I fit right in here) and I love building a relationship with my clients.


Also read Megan & Sarah’s bios on our website! To hire Each and Every Detail to plan your wedding contact us.

Photos courtesy of Katie Cassidy Photography

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