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Working in the land of weddings and events definitely has its perks (like lots of cake!).  One of the best parts of being in the event business here in Dallas is the community of professional vendors that support what we do.  Composed of a fabulous set of business and business owners, the Dallas event industry is full of creative, candid people who enjoy helping others for a living.  Which is awesome!  Since we tend to mostly be small businesses, there is a great deal of change within the community each year as new businesses launch and other businesses… fade away.  The five year mark is a perilous one for the small business community in general – that’s usually the length of time that will make or break an entrepreneur.  And we see that happen in the Dallas event industry all too often – but we think we can help!

AACWP Vendi Awards 2018 - Wendy Kidd President, Business Owner
Each & Every Detail has been in business for 12 years (yay!).  Our owner, Wendy Kidd, has been through quite a few ups and downs as she’s grown the business from a one person, part time side hustle to a thriving group of full and part-time staff.  Along the way, Wendy has received the real life crash course in business development, managing employees, marketing and advertising, and finance.  She’s done a lot of work to grow her expertise, including learning from other small business powerhouses in Dallas and around the nation.  Wendy is also the president of the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners, which puts her in a prime spot to network with and learn from other organizations on how their members do what they do best.
Wedding Planner Wendy Kidd Business Owner - Bride and Groom
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We want to help other small business owners to grow and succeed in the event industry by sharing Wendy’s expertise one-on-one.  Her new power sessions are the perfect opportunity for up and coming event industry entrepreneurs to focus on what needs to be improved and strengthened within their own business.  Take advantage of Wendy’s years of experience and her connections to solve problems in your own small business!  Popular topics for Power Sessions include:
– Packages and pricing (for the DFW market)
– Hiring and training employees
– Sales training
– Growing your business
– Contract review
Making our community even stronger is such a great way for us to give back, and we can’t wait to work with more industry entrepreneurs!  Check our our website for more info on what Wendy can do for you and your business.  If you’re interested in scheduling a power session with Wendy, please shoot us an email at hello@eachandeverydetail.com!

Brooke has been planning weddings since 2013 and is the Senior Lead Planner at Each & Every Detail. She is a Certified Wedding Planner with the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners and has been an instructor in their training courses since 2016.

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