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I think every couple wants to have a wedding that shows their personalities and reflects their own style. After spending hours on Pinterest and viewing your fiftieth wedding on Style Me Pretty, you start to wonder how you can add those special wedding details to your own big day. Here are some things that make a wedding feel personal to the couple but also provide great photos you can cherish after the big day!


Getting Ready with Flair

Not only can you have photos of your gorgeous dress or dapper suit, but also of what you and your bridal party wore as you were getting ready. Some go with beautiful robes, comfy customized shirts, or matching casual converse. Your wardrobe while getting ready for your big day can add a subtle detail that represents your vibe and overall personality.


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Hidden Gems

Maybe you don’t want to go all out but would love some details that represent your style or a passion of yours. Unexpected shoes, a pop of color with socks, character cufflinks, or unique jewelry can be a great way to pull in some pizzazz without going overboard. After all you can have a formal affair and still sneak in your fun, subtle wedding details!


Passed Down From Generation to Generation

Is there a brooch that your great-great grandmother wore? Did you grandmother give you her handkerchief she used during her wedding ceremony? These are great items to incorporate into your wedding to bring in your history and roots. These items are usually very unique and one of a kind. Plus it’s a way to have your family members with you as you say “I do”.


Melissa Glynn Photography - Monogrammed garter - Wedding Details

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Monogrammed Anything

The easiest way to incorporate “you” into any aspect of the wedding is to monogram it or have your first or last name added to it. Anything from garters, ring boxes, signs, or drinking glasses! Heck you could have custom jackets made for you and your fiancé to exit in with your names on the back. Monogramming adds a cute detail that is relatively simple to execute these days. Be careful not to go overboard though.  You don’t want to have your name or monogram on EVERYTHING as it becomes repetitive and not so special anymore. 


Gifts to One Another

You can’t get any more personal than with gifts to your soon-to-be-spouse. Some couples choose to keep it simple with hand written letters to remind one another of why they love each other. Other couples actually give gifts. These can range from engraved jewelry to a sentimental object that represents the union. The sky is the limit! This is a great way to say “I love you” and also add a truly unique aspect to your wedding. 


Leslie Spurlock Photography - Hand Written Letter Bride Groom - Personalized Wedding Gift

Photo courtesy of Leslie Spurlock Photography


Anything you can do to add a meaningful detail here and personalized detail there will increase the sentimental aspect to the wedding and make it feel like your own. Also it will allow you to look back over the photos later and see how your wedding was set apart from others and special to you and your spouse.

For other ideas on how to make your wedding details “pop”, check out our albums from past weddings or contact us

Shawna is the Office Manager at Each & Every Detail and has been in the wedding industry since 2012, serving different roles including Venue Coordinator, Catering Manager and Assistant Wedding Planner. Shawna also serves as an Assistant Wedding Planner at Each & Every Detail.

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