Rehearsal Dinners & Post Wedding Brunch

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Here at Each and Every Detail, we spend a lot of time thinking about the wedding day. Wedding days are huge moments of celebration that take a lot of planning and coordination, but they aren’t the only events that weekend. Rehearsal dinners and post wedding brunches are further opportunities to celebrate but also come with their own planning needs.


Picking a Location

Since these ancillary events can be whatever you make them, there are some key questions the need to be answered in order to begin the planning process.

  • How many guests are you inviting?  
  • Do you want it to be formal or informal?
  • What time of the day do you want to have the event?
  • Is there a way to incorporate activities or items that you enjoy?
  • What atmosphere do you want to create?

Once you have those questions nailed down you can get to work finding a location. You will want to make sure that your venue can accommodate your guest count, has the atmosphere you want, and is a place you and your significant other will enjoy. Then it’s on to the details!


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The Menu

Whether you are at a restaurant or hiring a caterer, food is a big part! You will want to take into consideration what type of food will be served at the wedding so you don’t serve the same thing at both events. Unless you and all your guests could eat Tex Mex everyday of the week with no problem. For your rehearsal dinner, you can have a four-course meal, keep it casual with heavy appetizers, or anything in between! For the post-wedding brunch, a buffet is a great option if people are going to come and go, or you can do a served meal if everyone is going to be there at the same time.


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Setting the Tone

You may have the event at a restaurant that doesn’t require a whole lot for you to bring in. However, an empty room is the perfect blank slate for you to add some flair and personal touches. Either way here are a few things to keep in mind when planning:

  • Slideshow – This is your chance to show off your baby photos and those vacation pictures you have. What a great way to showcase your history! Just make sure the venue has an AV hook up or you bring in your own set up.
  • Music – Music is great for creating ambiance. Your venue may already have this taken care of, but if not, you have other options. For example, you can create a playlist of your favorite songs or have some live instrumental music.
  • Decor – Some places don’t need a lot of decor where others may require you to bring in tables, chairs, and the whole shebang. You can also DIY or rent items depending on the level you want to amp up your party. Just keep in mind who is going to set up the decorations and when. Your family and friends may be busy at your rehearsal or sleeping in after the wedding and not want to worry about it! If that’s the case, it might be easier to hire someone to alleviate the stress of getting it done.


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Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of what to expect when planning a rehearsal dinner or post wedding brunch. Are you still feeling overwhelmed by all the details of planning? No worries! We offer services that can help.

With our Rehearsal Dinner or Post Wedding Brunch Consultation packages we will guide you through your options and how to select the right venue for your event needs.  We will also talk about the agenda, theme for décor, and entertainment options for your event. If you feel like you need more help, we also offer the Rehearsal Dinner Coordination package. This package is designed to help our clients plan the perfect rehearsal dinner for their wedding event.  It includes all you need for planning the event, plus coordination for the day of the event so you can relax and enjoy. If this sounds like something you would be interested in learning more about, email us! We would love to chat more about the specific needs of your event.


Sarah is a Lead Wedding Planner at Each & Every Detail and has been with the company for two years. She completed her wedding planner training through the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners.

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