Researching Wedding Cake – Part 2

Sweet Art Bakery LogoIn case you missed it, Sarah with Sweet Art Bakery is helping me answer questions for the bride-to-be in her research on wedding cakes.  Sweet Art Bakery is based in downtown McKinney, with an office and soon to be bakery located in the historic Flour Mill at 407 East Louisiana Street, Suite 103.  She has baked, designed and delivered cakes for over 50 weddings this year, making her our local expert!  She loves a challenge, and is great at baking and designing anything from a bucket of beer groom’s cake down to wonderfully delicious and super cute sugar cookies.  (Great for favors!)  Take a look at the rest of her answers from our interview:

Q: Do you recommend a cake topper for the bride’s cake?

Sarah: On some cakes, yes. But I generally prefer the look of not having one. If it is a two tier cake, or a design where the cake is wide, then I think it definitely needs one, to add height. Monograms can be done on the side of the wedding cake, as well as flowers. If there must be a topper, I think flowers are the best idea. Very elegant.

Q: If a couple chooses to save the top layer of the wedding cake for their anniversary, how do you recommend they store it?

Sarah: If a couple books with me, they don’t have to store it- because I make a FREE fresh tier on their first wedding anniversary! But I completely understand the “tradition” of it- as I saved mine at my wedding. The best procedure is to box it and take it home from the venue. Once home, put it in the freezer for about an hour to harden up the icing. Then wrap the heck out of it with plastic wrap. One more layer of foil, and then some freezer paper. Put it in a cake box and label it. When you’re ready to eat,  completely unwrap it and put it in the fridge until it is thawed. Then leave it on the counter for about 2 hours before eating. Or like I said- call Sweet Art Bakery and get a fresh one! 🙂

White on White Round Wedding Cake with Blue Hydrangea
photo by Dallas In Focus

Q: Are there any fresh flowers that should not be used on cake?  Should you use silk floral on a cake?

Sarah: Some very common wedding flowers used but can be toxic if eaten, are:  Calla lily, Arum lily, Hyacinth, Lily-of-the-valley, Jasmine, Snowdrop, Tulip, Hydrangea, Bird of paradise, Pink carnation. These should be avoided when decorating cakes. If a bride really wants these to be used on her cake, she should opt for silk or gum paste.  [Many of the flowers can be used if a barrier is placed between the cake and the flowers, so make sure to ask your baker or florist about this if you prefer to use any of those flowers mentioned.]

Q: What should couples know about choosing their cake?

Sarah: Please do not have Aunt Rose, Cousin Sandy, or your best friend’s co-worker create your wedding cake.  I have “helped out” many a couple who have come to me at the last minute because their original plan fell through. These people also may not have the skill to bring your vision to life. The bride in her dress and the cake are generally the most memorable things at a wedding! Also, don’t make the mistake of hiring a bakery because they have the lowest price per serving- look at all of the fees to determine the best value. Don’t forget about the immeasurable value in talent, creativity, and customer service!  [I have unfortunately seen the effects of not having a professional provide your wedding cake, so take care in making this decision!]

Thanks so much to Sarah for helping us out with our cake research!  If you have any questions we missed, please leave it in the comments!  Sarah and I would love to hear your thoughts!  Enjoy your tastings!

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