Real Wedding: Lush Burgundy + Cream Floral, for the love of Greenery and Candles

Alex & Jay came to us with their chosen wedding color theme, using grey, burgundy + cream. Their December wedding was at one of the top McKinney wedding venues, Stone Crest Venue.  We were thrilled to help them create their … Read More

Your Table Decor & Your Wedding Budget – The Luxury Budget, Part 3

  As we discussed in PART 1 of this series, wedding budgets in the Dallas area are often a topic of conversation for us.  The fact of the matter is that the cost of a wedding is totally based on … Read More

Your Table Decor & Your Wedding Budget – The Standard Budget, Part 1

We get asked often about wedding costs in the Dallas, Texas area as wedding planners.  How much does an average wedding cost?  What should my wedding budget be?  Am I spending the right amount on my wedding?  All of these … Read More

Finding Wedding Inspiration in Your Favorite Photo

Using What You Love to Make Your Wedding Design Unique!   Photo Courtesy of Joseph Mark Photography   One of the earliest (and toughest!) wedding decisions that you have to make is narrowing down your wedding design.  But how do … Read More

Floral Design – Unexpected Places & Trends

  Photo courtesy of Flashbox Photography   Pretty, pretty flowers!  When designing a wedding, floral design is one of those areas where a little creativity can have a HUGE impact!  Floral can change the look and feel of your venue, … Read More

Things to Consider Before You Start Planning Your Wedding

Photo courtesy of Braden Harris Photography   So… You got engaged, you told everyone you know, and now it’s time to start planning! I know what you’re thinking, where do we start!? Don’t panic, you just need to think about … Read More

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