Baby, You’re a Star! – Hiring a Videographer

Photo courtesy of Two Pair Photography   For some couples, hiring a videographer for their wedding day is a no brainer. For others, it’s not such an easy decision. If you have a photographer, why do you need a videographer? … Read More

Venue Love: Five Faves in McKinney

Oh, McKinney, how we love thee. Let us count the ways. Well, at least five ways. That is to say, we’ll be counting out five of our numerous favorite venues in the fair town, in no particular order. ~ Bella … Read More

Venue Love – Bella Donna Chapel

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Ah, yes, another installation of Venue Love!  This time we’re looking at one of McKinney’s most beautiful venues for a wedding ceremony, the Bella Donna Chapel.  This elegant little chapel mixes a somewhat mission-like exterior with an interior packed with … Read More

Peaches on Par Floral & Details

Floral was key to our theme in that we wanted it to almost be understated.  We wanted it to be soft, low centerpieces, trailing down the middle of our long table.  Peaches were of course important, so we displayed those … Read More

Peaches On Par Tablescape in Brides of North Texas

For each magazine issue, Brides of North Texas asks designers to submit a tablescape idea with a storyboard.  From there, they convene a panel of brides to vote on these ideas to see which ones will actually come together to … Read More

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