Things to Consider Before You Start Planning Your Wedding

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So… You got engaged, you told everyone you know, and now it’s time to start planning! I know what you’re thinking, where do we start!? Don’t panic, you just need to think about the kind of wedding you want. The biggest thing to ask yourselves is, “What makes the most sense for us?”



When I say location, I don’t just mean venue. I mean where in the world do y’all want to say your vows? Consider where you are from, is there a specific place one of you has always wanted to get married, can your family and friends you want at your wedding get to this place?


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When my husband and I were talking wedding, we had to decide between his hometown and mine. We considered the fact that we both now live in Dallas, so it made it easier that we can plan in state. While the convenience is nice, my husband’s HUGE family, here in Dallas, sealed the deal on us having ours here. It would be so much easier to get my 10-15 family members here and lodged then to get his 50-75 family members there!

When deciding who you want present on your wedding day, it’s important to think about how they will get there. Can your grandma, who you can’t imagine not being there, fly on a plane? If you want to walk down the aisle with grandma Jo, then maybe consider doing it closer to her.


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Guest Count:

Consider if you prefer being in your small group of friends or if you like the big crowd scene? Are you an introvert or extrovert? If you love the thought of having all your family and friends in one place, then go with the big wedding! Some people cringe at the thought of 150 people staring at you all night. Are you that person? Then do a smaller wedding. Remember, you don’t have to invite every person you ever came in contact with!


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Dancing, Food, Alcohol, and The Whole Shebang:

When people think of weddings a lot of times they think ceremony, then seated dinner, followed by dancing with occasional visits to the open bar. This is definatly not the only option.

Let’s go back to what makes sense to y’all. If you a morning person, you can always do a morning ceremony followed with a brunch. If you like the idea of an evening wedding, but not the crazy party, skip the dancing and open bar, and just do the dinner. There are many ways to celebrate and make your wedding perfect for you and your fiancé. 


All in all, try to stay true to who you are as a couple and what makes sense for you. After all it is your day! If you need help figuring out the details to get you wedding plans moving contact us!


Megan is a Lead Wedding Planner at Each & Every Detail and has completed training through the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners. She has been at Each & Every Detail for two years.

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