Tips for Planning your Proposal

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Snowfall Proposal - Blizzard Proposal - Chris Emeott Photography

Photo courtesy of Chris Emeott Photography

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It’s engagement season!  Did you know the majority of proposals happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day?  It’s true!  With that in mind, I thought I’d share some tips on planning your proposal, just in case you’re googling away trying to figure out how to make it perfect. 😉

  • Think about what fits you as a couple – should it be public or private?  Are you both into the amazing proposals captured on video that involve a flash mob performing stunts?  Or are you both introverts that prefer a quiet moment to express your feelings?  Consider what you and your partner enjoy most before deciding how “big” to make this moment.


Candid proposal photo - Engagement

Photo by a friend of the couple


  • Consider the location – whether public or private, the location can be key.  Locations can be sentimental, like where you had your first date or where you both said “I love you” for the first time.  They can become sentimental too, so you could consider a location you can revisit on future anniversaries.  Locations can be crucial in setting the right ambiance too, whether it be joyful like a sporting event or quiet like dinner for two in your home.  It can be romantic at a private dining table in a restaurant or surprising like at a family event. To have fun with it, you could even make it into a “treasure hunt” by choosing multiple locations, possibly leading them through locations that have meant different things or have been where certain stepping stones of your relationship have happened.  Choosing the right place can truly help set the tone, so just think it through.


  • Do you want any witnesses?  If you and your partner aren’t picky about public or private, do you want anyone to witness this special moment?  Or would you prefer to be surrounded family and friends?  Having all your loved ones nearby can be amazing for an instantaneous celebration, but can also be intimidating for the one proposing.


Same sex proposal - central park proposal - Paparazzi photography

Photo courtesy of Paparazzi Proposals

The element of surprise is priceless.


  • What should you say?  Well, it all depends.  If you are going for romantic, you might want to talk about why you want to marry your partner, what you love about them and why you think you should take the next step.  If you’re going to make a quick/spur of the moment proposal, a simple “Marry Me?” works too!  My recommendation is to think about what you want your partner to remember and to have some ideas prepared.  Don’t try to memorize it though, just speak from the heart!


  • Finally, do you want to capture the moment?  Lots of photographers and videographers now offer the option to have them hidden away to capture the moment at your chosen location.  It’s a fun way to remember the moment (and even what you said) when your partner says yes!


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Already proposed?  Tell us about it!  We always love hearing the story of how someone popped the question!

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