Vendor Spotlight: Tastefully Yours Catering


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Tastefully Yours has been cooking amazing, unique food for weddings for ten years. Their one of a kind chef and attention to detail makes their food tasty but also beautiful.  We had the chance to talk with Lisa about what it takes to set yourself apart in the catering world.

1. Describe your favorite type of client.

We love a couple that loves food!


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2. What makes you different at what you do?

There are quite a few things that make us different. The first main thing is our chef is European, which means we have fresh food with no preservatives because we shop the day of for food. We also bring the art into serving food by bringing our own tables capes and using unique serving platters (as opposed to chafing dishes). We appreciate the beauty of the presentation of food! Our veggie latter is also to die for and that definitely sets us apart.


Photo provided by Tastefully Yours Catering


3. Why do you think your clients choose Tastefully Yours Catering?

The quantity and quality of the food as well as our commitment to professionalism. We are very transparent.


Photo provided by Tastefully Yours Catering


4. What do you love most about weddings/engagements?

I love hearing the couple’s story. They are all so different! This gives us a chance to make their wedding day special and unique to them. We want to make a memorable contribution to their big day.

You can contact Lisa for more information about Tastefully Yours Catering at (817) 749-0896 or at visit their website at


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